Happiness Is Not Loyal

Happiness doesn’t promise to be with you forever; it doesn’t tell you it will never stray.

Throughout life happiness is a beautiful companion who takes you on an on-again, off-again love affair. Happiness can sometimes be discriminatory, the way she spreads her love doesn’t always seem just and fair. Sometimes she comes and she stays for a while, long enough for you to get comfortable with her being there. Other times she comes and she leaves without warning leaving you to pick up the pieces of what was once there.

You may see happiness having an affair with the person next to you, a person you dislike or even someone you envy while turning a cold shoulder to you.

There are times that no matter how far and wide you look Happiness alludes you seeming to hide from your searching stare. And when you’ve all but forgotten Happiness she can appear out of thin air.

Happiness isn’t loyal but the truth is she wasn’t meant to be. Life is about balance. There is no light without darkness and no joy without pain. The challenges and dark times allow us to recognize and have greater appreciation for the triumphs and successes. The truth is if happiness was a faithful companion we would never know heartache, sadness and pain, and we have to meet them and know them to grow.

Happiness is a Universal gift. When it’s present cherish it and when it leaves be thankful for the lessons you are being prepared to learn.

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