Hard Times? Hang In There

The hard reality of life is that a part of life is suffering. Throughout life there will be times you experience hard times. When difficulties come instead worrying about the future or anguishing over the past live moment-to-moment, day-by-day.

If you get ahead of yourself, thinking about and living in the future, you will experience anxiety and increased fear. If you get behind yourself, longing for the past, you will experience depression and hopelessness. The way to make it through difficult periods of life is to constantly remind yourself to live only in the present moment.

The only thing that is certain is things will change. Whatever you are going through or experiencing won’t last forever. Your environment will eventually change, the people in it will change and how you feel about it will shift…in time.

To make it through the meantime — the time between where you are now and when things start to shift here are some things you can do:

1. Look for at least one thing to smile about each day.

2. Practice gratitude for your life and the gifts in it, whether small or big, there is ALWAYS something you have to be grateful for.

3. Look for and embrace the lessons life is trying to teach you. In every experience there is an opportunity for growth.

4. Make a commitment to give life all you have; even when things are difficult show up ready to give life your all.

5. When you are feeling especially challenged remind yourself that “this too shall pass,” no matter what it feels like in the moment or how things seem the feeling won’t last forever.

6. Remember you have a choice. You can spend your difficult days down, depressed and dreading life; or you can commit to making the best of the difficult situations. It really is your choice.

Life doesn’t always materialize in the way you would like it to. Sometimes things are going to be challenging, difficult and unpleasant. You are not alone in your experience. Keep the knowing that better times are coming and take life step-by-step.

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