Healing Starts With Self-Forgiveness

In life there is no greater lesson you can learn than forgiving yourself.

There are times in life when we feel guilty, embarrassed or stupid for our choices/actions. Often long after the event has taken place and others have forgotten and moved on we still are condemning ourselves for our actions. We tend to beat ourselves up and punish ourselves through self-deprecation, addictions and mental anguish. The reality is we make choices based on where we are and who we are in that moment. As we grow, change and evolve the choices we make also change. As we truly know better we do better. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to forgive yourself and let it go.

Life is about learning. We make choices and sometimes we go against our better judgment. When we do, we learn from them and we learn how they make us feel. Then we can know the next time what we are willing and not willing to do based on our experiences.

Every decision we make and action we take is another experience. When you make a decision that you’re apprehensive about or later regret, use it as a learning experience. Take note of how you felt before, during and after and utilize those feelings to guide with decisions you make going forward.

Without self-forgiveness you will remain internally stuck in the past; without self-forgiveness you can’t move forward because you can’t fully heal.

Right now make a conscious choice to stop punishing yourself, what’s done is done. Commit to treating yourself with the love, respect and adoration you deserve.

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