How Do You Fully Live Life?

Life is moments. You live life one moment at a time.

The moments make the memories that you know to be your life. Sometimes the moments go by without you being present in them. Those are lost moments; forever gone. The more moments you’re completely present, the longer the life you live.

There are old people who have lived short lives because they weren’t present for a significant amount of the moments they were living in. Then there are those who died young but lived old; they lived in the now for the majority of the moments that made up their lives.

Worrying about the future and dwelling on the past is a waste of time; a waste of your moments. If you live a long time, but you’re not present during it, how much of life have you really lived?

Take a moment to observe the colors, sights, sounds, people, energy, nature and environment around you. Take a moment to be present with what you’re feeling, without judgment. Take a moment to have gratitude and appreciation for your life and everything that is part of your experience.

Life is just moments and each one is a once in a lifetime experience. Make an effort to be present in the moments of your life. Make an effort to immerse yourself in living.

Death is certain; living is optional. Don’t let your life pass you by without you living it.

Chose to fully live. Chose to be present in the moments.

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