How Often In Life Are We Afraid To Close The Door…Permanently.

What if…maybe…but…we wonder, we worry, we think…we aren’t sure.

So often we ask for a sign, we receive the sign but we’re afraid to pull the trigger. Deep down we know the answer; we knew before the sign came. Now that we have the sign we’re afraid. Afraid of making the wrong choice. Afraid we may not have an accurate picture of the situation. Afraid we didn’t hear correctly. In the fear we doubt. We decide it’s best to leave the door open or to proceed anyway.

We do it in relationships. We ask for a sign. Is this the right relationship or is this person the right person? We ask the Universe to help us out…send confirmation. Then something happens, we get the confirmation we were seeking. But, the confirmation means changing the parameters of the relationship or walking away. We’re not ready for that and we can’t accept it, so we stay. We fear being alone, we fear being wrong, we fear hurting the other person. We know what it’s like to be with them, but being alone is uncharted territory and we’re not ready to test that out yet.

We do it with past partners. The relationship is over and you know they were not the person for you. But, there is no one else in your life right now and the other person still has feelings for you. So you justify still hanging out or sleeping together. You leave the door cracked instead of permanently closing it because it’s comfortable and convenient.

There is an underlying fear of completely closing the door. We get caught in the maybe, possibly and potential for the future.

When you chose not to completely close a door after receiving a sign you are saying to the Universe “I have not learned my lesson. I need to review and repeat this experience again.” You are also telling yourself that you are not to be trusted. You are internally stating, “my intuition is not knowledgeable; it knows nothing.”

Sometimes in life we get tired of the habitual cycle. We get tired of repeating the same lessons. But we fear stepping up and stepping out. We fear making a definitive decision.

Own your knowledge and power. Don’t be afraid to take action.

Listen to yourself. The only ‘mistake’ is when you don’t take action in accordance with the information provide to you. When you determine you’re going to take control and make the decision that makes the most sense to you, despite the sign you received, it’s a receipt for disaster.

Some doors need to be shut and maybe even locked. The things now on the other side are there for a reason and they don’t need to find their way back through.

Candra Adia is a transformational life coach, writer and motivational speaker. She loves helping individuals who want to be entrepreneurs get past their internal blocks to take the first step. She resides in Los Angeles, and sometimes Cleveland. Connect with her at, on Facebook or watch her videos on YouTube.

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