How To Navigate Your Feelings

EVERYTHING in life is changing. NOTHING stays exactly the same.

Yet we expect how we feel to be constant. Most people desire to maintain a state of unwavering peace and consistent happiness. That desire is unrealistic. Then, when we are unable to maintain that state, we think life has betrayed us and that there must be something fundamentally wrong with us.

There is something that hinders you from maintaining consistent feelings — it’s called being human.

A part of experiencing life is feeling. Everyone has highs, lows and levels in between. In order to grow, evolve and learn you have to allow and fully feel your feelings. With that said, you can’t allow yourself to get lost in your feelings. Allowing and fully feeling them is not a pass to drown in them.

The key is to become internally aware enough to notice when there are feelings present that need to be released. Once you are present with your feelings, you can allow them to move through you and release them. The intention of your feelings is to help, not hurt you. The discomfort present as they move through you is meant to be a temporary release and not a permanent state.

The key to finding contentment with life is to stop expecting to always feel one way. No matter how much you obtain in life, you can’t escape the range of feelings. Your feelings are an indication of the healing that is happening within you. Instead of dreading feeling “off” welcome it as an opportunity to heal.

Another key is the realization that you are not your feelings. Like the weather in a location — you are the unchanged state and your feelings are just passing through.

The weather is constantly changing, and the changes create difficulties, setbacks and inconveniences from time to time. The climatic differences are necessary to balance the ecosystem and keep life cycles going…just like your feelings.

The solution isn’t to stop feeling, but instead to stop being absorbed in your feelings. Don’t wallow, get lost in or become your feelings. Instead be present with your feelings, allow them to process through you and let them go.

Once you become aware of your deeper, constant state you’ll understand that despite the surface level ups and downs you experience from your feelings; there is consistency in the part of you that is unchanged.

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