How To Move Past Where You Are

Ready for things to change? Never thought you’d be ‘here’?

It’s challenging when you’re in a space you never anticipated being in, and don’t like being in. It’s difficult when you’re in a space that doesn’t fit who you are.

It can be a struggle to find peace, joy, and happiness when you aren’t satisfied with where you are. It can be easy to get lost in depression and discontentment with the situation. It can be easy to become discouraged.

This may be difficult and even aggravating to hear but there is perfection in exactly where you are.

How can I say that? Because every experience, situation and circumstance that occurs in life is an opportunity to learn a lesson. Each experience adds to our individual uniqueness and character. Each experience factors into who we are, where we are and what direction we are heading. The experiences qualify us for our purpose, our distinct space in life. They qualify us to be one-of-a-kind.

You may not like where you are, but don’t let the experience make you a victim. The key to definitively moving past where you are is acceptance. Appreciate the experience for what it is — a lesson. It’s an opportunity to grow, learn and evolve. An opportunity to graduate to a new space in order to learn a whole new set of lessons.

Take time out to learn the lesson life is seeking to teach you. Let go of where you think you should be and surrender to where you are. Find peace with the experience you’re going through. Once you’re able to find peace and acceptance, in time, you’ll notice you naturally transcend it.

Candra Adia is a transformational life coach, writer and motivational speaker. She resides in Los Angeles, and sometimes Cleveland. Connect with her at, on Facebook or watch her videos on YouTube.

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