It All Begins And Ends With You

The cavalry isn’t coming. Save yourself.

Men riding on their brawny horses with swords and guns blazing in the wind. They’re coming to save you. They seek to pull you up from your slump and banish your woes. For your sanity they fight; to rid you of your misery is their quest.

Although that may sound illustrious and redeeming it’s a facade. They’re not coming.

Look in the mirror. The answer to every problem you will ever face starts and ends with you. The unrivaled solution is right there.

No one else can help you until you first help yourself.

You can blame others, you can blame your parents or family, you can blame the way you grew up, you can blame the things that happen to you, you can blame the money you don’t have or the love that you aren’t getting for where you are and what you are going through. But, the blame-game is only hurting you.

The anger and accusations may be warranted; hell they may even be true, but holding on to them won’t change anything.

You may feel down and depressed like you’re stuck in a black hole — going nowhere fast. Trust me you’re not alone, but getting lost there is not the way out; things will only get worse.

Your pity party isn’t helping? And guess what? All your negative beliefs — you’re thoughts are making them true.

In the end it’s your choice. Pity parties and blaming won’t change things, but you can.

So stop waiting…

for courage

for love to come

for someone to tell you what to do

for you to feel better

for a rainfall of money

for someone important to notice you

for the guilt to resolve

for someone else to put you first

for the world to change

for someone to care

for your big break

for things to be easier

for someone else to do it first

for the time to be right…

If you’re waiting for a person, situation or circumstance to save you, like the titanic you will surely sink.

I have a revelation I’d like to share with you.

You and you alone have the power to change your life. You decide. You make the choice. When you whole-heartedly do all of heaven and earth will conspire with you.

Start now. There’s no better moment than this one.

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