It’s a New Year, Now What?

The beauty of life is that you get to decide.

This year, and each year, will be what you make it. If you want something to change — change it. If you want something new in your life — create it.

Last year was last year, it’s old news…it’s gone. You can leave what happen last year or even in the last minute, behind. This year can be a clean slate, each moment an opportunity to start anew. Anything that held you back or weighed you down last year release it…let it go.

Often I hear people say “it’s not that easy,” but actually it is because it starts with a choice. It’s human nature to look at the entire picture in an attempt to prepare for and anticipate what’s to come. That’s where “it’s not that easy” comes from. When looked at that way it’s true that it’s not that easy. However, if instead of trying to know, understand and anticipate the entire picture you learn how to be satisfied with only knowing the next immediate step; it becomes easy. At that point you’re no longer weighed down by the thoughts of what could happen instead you’re just looking at the next step.

So, get your intentions ready and get prepared to do things you’ve never done and go places you’ve never been. Make a commitment this year to challenge yourself in new, uncomfortable ways and to choose differently than what you have in the past.

Yesterday is gone and the future is yours. You get to decide what to do with it…

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