Letting Go [Poem]

I can’t be your expectations and what you expect me to be.
I can’t live my life for you and me.
I can’t shoulder your issues and insecurities.
I can’t hold out waiting, hoping and wishing things will change as time passes by.
I can’t be your dreams, goals and aspirations.

And, i can’t make you go after them either.

I can’t pretend to feel what i don’t,
I can’t put my life on hold and i won’t.

I need to breathe again,
I need to be free to be me.

See, i love you, but i love me more.

I want to feel again
…to be in love again
…to be happy.

I want you to have those things too,
it just seems we can’t provide them for each other.

I don’t want to hurt you, disappoint you or fail to live up to the expectations set for me…
for us.

However, I’m tired of carrying this weight on my shoulders.

Candra Adia writes daily musings on the perfect imperfections of life here in Soul Connected. Receive one every morning to read as you start your day by clicking here to subscribe. Want to know more about her? Visit candraadia.com.

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