Life Is Vibration

Everything you say, do, think, possess, see, touch, consume and conceive is all energy.

Everything comes to life through vibration. If you want to change the people, things or places that surround you be mindful of the energy that everything you allow in your space carries; be mindful of the energy you are carrying.

Changing the energy and vibration you carry must start within. You must first start to alter your internal state so it can manifest outward changes. Don’t look to change someone else, look to change yourself. In changing yourself you shift your energy which in turn shifts the energy of the relationship; when this happens the other person has to change or fall away.

Be cognizant that your energy affects the space around you and others consciously and unconsciously take on your energy. Sometimes that’s great and other times it can pose as a challenge within the relationship parameters.

Change your energy, change your life.

“Everything in life is vibration.” ~Albert Einstein

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