Live Your Life Your Way

There is no greater satisfaction in life then to be able to say you lived your life, your way.

There will always be well-intentioned and ill-intentioned people in life who have thoughts and opinions on how you should live your life and the decisions you should make. But, the truth is, no one can know better about your life than you. Other people can only give their thoughts and opinions from the outside looking in because they are not you. They are not in your shoes. They have not had your successes or setbacks; nor have they had your life experiences. They do not know the lessons your life’s journey is setup to teach you.

Your intuition is yours and yours alone. It speaks and directs you. There is no external input you can receive that will replace your internal direction.

When you reflect back on your life as it comes to an end, the decisions you did and did not make will make up the story of your life. Make it a story you’d love to read over and over again.

In my life some may say my decisions haven’t been smart or done the ideal way. And you know what? They have a point. It’s not smart or ideal…for them. But this is my life, my story and my opportunity, so I’m choosing to do it my way.

My greatest lessons and experiences in life have come by truly listening to my intuition and doing what I knew was right for me. The results of those decisions haven’t always been easy, but they’ve led me on my greatest life adventures.

Get still enough to hear yourself. Be self-assured enough to trust yourself. And everyday seek to live your life your way.

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