Quieting The Inner Critic

The lesson re-appearing right now in life for me is to remember to give myself permission and compassion.

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I can be especially hard on myself. I hold myself accountable to a high standard and I have a habit of internally beating myself up when I don’t reach it (and sometimes even if I do). For years I didn’t even recognize I was doing this because it was a part of my internal programming; it had become part of who I was.

Anytime I fell short of my self-imposed standards my internal critic would wreck havoc on me. My internal critic is tough. She takes low blows and knows how to make me feel subpar and completely unworthy; she’s a cruel bully. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and exactly when to feed them to my mind in order to put them in play, throwing me off kilter.

What I’ve been reminded of during this times is it’s okay to be “off” from time to time. It’s okay to break from routine every once in a while. It’s okay to occasionally fall short when I know I’ve given a valiant effort, especially when the bar is set incredibly high. It’s okay to have rare times where I simply don’t feel like doing “it;” whatever “it” may be in that moment. And, there are instances where good enough is in fact good enough. For me understanding and quieting my inner critic is a process — a process that involves giving myself permission, love and compassion. I’ve learned that quieting my inner critic also involves validating her fear and her well-meaning intentions; hearing what she has to say, thanking her and showering her with love and affection. By doing that I get to heal inner wounds and as the wounds are healed the critic softens.

We all have an inner critic that will control your mind if you let him/her. As you do the work to heal your inner wounds the critic softens and its voice becomes a less prevalent force in your life. If you don’t pay the inner critic attention she/he will wreck havoc on your life. Internal feelings of insufficiency, not-enoughness and unworthiness will consistently plague you.

The pathway to internal peace and freedom is to give your inner critic the attention and love it deserves.

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