Self- Forgiveness Is A Loving Gift

In life one of the most valuable lessons that you can learn is how to forgive yourself.

There are times in life when we feel guilty, disappointed, embarrassed or stupid for our choices and actions. Often long after the event has taken place and others have forgotten and moved on we are still condemning ourselves for our actions. We tend to beat ourselves up and punish ourselves through self-deprecation, addictions and mental anguish.

The reality is all choices we make are based on where we are and who we are in that moment. As we learn, evolve and grow we know better and therefore we do better. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is forgiveness and letting it go.

Life is about learning. A part of life is making choices and sometimes you’ll make choices that go against your better judgment…it’s a natural part of the process. When you’re aware you’ve done this, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to observe and grow from the experience. Pay attention to how the experience makes you feel. Then you can know the next time what you are willing and not willing to do based on your experiences.

Every decision you make and action you take is another experience. Use each one as an experiment to see how you feel before, during and after and then you can utilize your feelings to make future decisions.

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