Surrender vs. Control — What’s The Difference?

At times it’s difficult to know what separates the two.

Control — Rationalizing and reasoning your decisions before you make them. Analyzing and re-analyzing the situation until you possibly talk yourself out of it. Choosing not to listen to your intuition; instead letting your mind and ego run the show. Taking faith and trust off the table and going exclusively with what you want; what you think is best.

Surrender — Listening. Listening to your intuition and letting it be your guide. Exercising faith and trust even when it’s scary and doesn’t make sense. Possessing conviction that your internal guidance knows and the Universe always has your back. Going with what feels right. Letting go of what you want and opening yourself up to the greatest outcome for the situation, whatever that may be.

Control will keep you stuck; stalling your growth and evolution in life. Control limits the outcomes to what you can conceive and limits the possibilities to what you can do.

Surrender allows the energy and flow of life to work through you. Surrender opens up the outcomes to what the Divine can orchestrate and opens the possibilities to what the Divine can do.

The need to control is rooted in fear. There is power in the ability to surrender and weakness in the need to control.

Surrender can take your life to heights control can’t even dream.

Surrender. Let go.

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