Plain and Simple; To Be A Writer You Must Write

My beginning…

Soul Connected is my personal 365-day challenge to write and to share. A challenge to focus my thoughts on a subject, write about that subject and share it with others every single day. It’s not a revolutionary idea, it’s been done before and it certainly will be done again. It probably goes without saying that not everyone who attempts it succeeds and honestly I can’t guarantee I will, but I am going to try. Some posts may be short and some may be long; some may be full of depth and insight and some, quite frankly, may suck. I figure I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s an opportunity for me to grow and expand my thought process and writing depth; which means even if I am the sole reader I still come out ahead. That sentence was maybe more a reminder for me than a declaration to you. Writing is a very sacred act for me, I often write and file it away, this challenge will stretch me to do something I tend to shy away from…share what I write.

This is a space for me to share my downloads and introspections with others…with you.

It’s interesting how something that seems so trivial can wreck havoc on the mind. When the idea first came to me to write a blog and post something everyday for 1 year it seemed to be a fairly simple idea. Just write something and share it. How hard can it be? At least that’s what I thought initially. But as the idea marinated other thoughts set in. “This is a stupid idea.” “What’s the point?” “No one will read it.”

I stopped for a moment and asked myself what am I so afraid of? What came to mind are things most of us fear at one point or another… afraid of not being good enough, afraid of being ridiculed, afraid of not being liked, afraid of being afraid, afraid of failing and quite possibly afraid of the possibilities.

The fear of failure is a common one, a fear everyone experiences at various points throughout life, but the fear of success, while just as common, is a bit harder to detect. It’s sly, cunning and it often flies under the radar like a stealth bomber in the night sky; almost undetectable it’s a silent dream killer that often gets attributed to other sources. I’ve often asked myself how does it make sense we can fear the very thing we want?

It’s funny how built in the mind is an amazing trigger. It’s there to help protect us from the bad; bad things, bad people, bad circumstances; but the interesting part is that the trigger also ‘protects’ us from the good. The trigger is activated when we encounter things beyond the tangible, things outside our comfort zone, things that have the potential to significantly alter our status quo…these things have a fear trigger too. If we aren’t careful the built in protection will confine us to a self-designed box of mundaneness where we never disturb our status quo.

This blog is an opportunity for me to step outside my self-designed box to learn, grow, evolve and move past my fear. Dare I say it’s also a form of self-therapy.