The Eruption of Confined Words

There is power in what’s unsaid.
Like an active volcano the words build towards an imminent explosion.

They’re just words…
But they hold tremendous energy. Within them is anger, despair, envy, fear, hope, wanting, lust, love…

The words
they want to come out
but they are trapped.

Trapped in a space too difficult to express.
Trapped in feelings.
Trapped in a cage built by the emotions that created them.
Trapped in truth.

The unspoken words start out as helpful guidance and end as ticking time bombs.

Within what’s unsaid lies great power the depths of which is often misunderstood and unknown.

The unspoken words are instruments forcing life to its tune. They block harmony and create dissention when they are unused.

The words you don’t say are always just as powerful as the ones you do.

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