The Greatest Advisor You Will EVER Have Is Your Intuition

When intuition calls do you answer?

When your inner voice calls out or whispers to you do you hear it?
When your inner knowing consistently nudges you do you feel it?
When synchronicity and divine intervention occurs right in front of you do you see it?
When opportunities are put in your path you do you take action?
When the answer is no do you digress? If you wanted it to be yes, can you still walk away?
When something feels off do you pay attention?
When the direction is difficult to follow do you trust?
When you can’t do it alone can you surrender?
When it’s time to let go do you have faith?

The closest confidante, greatest teacher and wisest navigator you will ever have is inside of you. Your path is divinely ordered, your every step blessed and your way already paved if you trust the brilliant guru inside of you.

Your intuition puts out a 24/7 broadcast utilizing various methods of communication; you just have to hear, trust and follow. It’s your internal compass; your trusted guide.


It won’t always be easy and it won’t always make sense — as a matter of fact at times the internal direction may seem downright crazy and impossibly difficult. It may go against societal standards, defy logic and oppose all the advice from your family and friends; but only you can know for sure what’s right for you. Only you have the power to listen, surrender and trust. Only you can hear it, only you know it and only you have the ability to follow; no one can do it for you.

Your intuition is speaking…will you listen?

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