The Life You Have Is Your Choice

I once asked God why my life seems so difficult at times.
God replied, “Because you make it that way.”

In life unfortunate situations are going to occur; it’s a part of life. However, in every situation that occurs we have the power of choice. We have been granted the capacity to choose how we respond to and deal with the situation. Our choice dictates our experience in relation to the situation, and our overall experience in life.

Things may happen to you, but those things are not who you are. Being a victim is a choice. How you view yourself, how you view others and how you view the world are all moment-by-moment decisions you make. You get to choose whether you’re a prisoner held captive by the circumstances of your life; or, a victor choosing to triumph over the circumstances and exploit them to facilitate your healing, growth and evolution.

You have unadulterated power to decide if love, forgiveness, faith and hope are choices you will make. If you seek them in all situations, especially the exceedingly onerous ones, how you view life will change. You’ll find that “unfortunate” and “life” will no longer be able to simultaneously occupy the same space.

And, for the record, God doesn’t make life difficult; you do.

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