The Voice Inside

Trust your intuition.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience it’s funny how the little voice inside speaks up when I’m not on purpose…not on the path of my life’s destiny. When it happens it’s easy for me to let my internal excuses flow until they mute the voice inside of me and fill me with self-doubt. At that point an internal conflict begins inside of me and internal peace and happiness seem to be unachievable illusions.

This happens to everyone, but the unfortunate part is most of us don’t even realize the process is occurring. Most people take the excuses as reality and walk in them instead of heeding the internal voice. Often what the voice is asking of us or telling us to do doesn’t make sense and the request may not be ‘easy.’ The internal voice will almost certainly take you outside your comfort zone.

Most of us fail to realize (or fail to admit) that the dissention we’re experiencing is caused by the internal conflict going on. The dissention is the source of the fear, unhappiness and anxiety occurring in our life. The dissention causes internal damage and the internal damage prevents us from fully giving ourselves. In turn, the people most affected by the internal dissention are those we love and care about the most, especially ourselves.

We lose who we are in the day-to-day of our lives until one day we look in the mirror and we don’t even recognize ourselves…we’ve lost ourselves.

Following the internal voice is not just the best choice, it’s a necessity to live in alignment with life. It’s the only path to internal peace and fulfillment. That internal voice always knows best. But, first you have to be still enough to hear the voice and grounded enough to decipher it from all the other noise going on inside.

When the voice speaks the outcome of your life depends on how attuned you are to hear it and how well you listen. Don’t allow your thoughts to drown out the voice inside.

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