There Will Never Be A Perfect Time To Start

If you have something you want to accomplish the only way to do it is to dive in and get started.

The scariest part is actually getting started.

For a while now I’ve known part of my life’s journey is to write a book. Over the past year and a half I’ve written pieces here and there but nothing substantial or consistent. Lately, I’ve had an incessant internal pull that it’s time to really focus on writing my book. My problem is I have a block with getting started. Every time I think about it there is apprehension and fear. Each time I sit down to write I draw a blank and then proceed to get lost in distractions.

I know there is fear there that I need to process and deal with, but I also realize that there will never be a perfect time to start. If I sit around waiting for words and inspiration to be divinely downloaded to me I very well may be waiting forever. It’s the same with events like having a baby, moving to a new location or leaving a job; there will never be a perfect time to take a challenging step. The only way to start is to start. At some point you have to commit to taking a leap and jumping.

The hardest part is generating the momentum to start.

I realized that if I want to write my book, I have to start. I was caught up in the big picture — writing chapters and the overall cohesiveness of the book — while overlooking the beginning step; simply getting one word or one sentence on a page.

I had to reign myself in, back to step-by-step, to get over the block of starting.

Where are you consciously or subconsciously putting off something you want to accomplish because you’re waiting for a better time or better circumstances? Guess what. Stop waiting. The time is now and the circumstances are perfectly imperfect. Bring it back to one step and simply commit to taking that one step. Let go of perfection, the future, the past, the expectations of others and the expectations you have for yourself and start. It can be something as short and simple as one word or more complex like an entire chapter. When starting out the quantity isn’t as important as the act of actually getting started.

Now is the time to stop fantasizing about it and actually get started today.

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