What Am I Writing For?

What am I writing for? This is a question I’ve asked myself time and time again.

Is it for the “likes,” the recognition or the validation?

Is it to help others, to make a difference or to change the world?

Is it because I have something to prove?

Is it to make an emphatic statement that I can do this by showcasing my writing ability?

OR, maybe it’s because someone out there needs my shared wisdom and their life will be impacted by reading what I have to say?

Every time I ponder on the question “what am I writing for?,” after I entertain all the questions and statements circulating in my mind, it always comes down to a simple definitive answer.


I am writing for me.

Maybe writing for me can also be beneficial to someone else…maybe not. Whatever the case may be, after deliberating with myself, each time I arrive back at the same perspective. It doesn’t matter.

I am writing because I am a writer. I am writing to express my creativity. I am writing for my own healing, growth and evolution. I am writing to put my thoughts and feelings in a tangible form and to express my vulnerability. I am writing to critique and evaluate my own skills in an effort to become better. I am writing to understand myself and my role in life and in this world.

When it comes down to it, those things are far more important than what anyone else may think or say about it.

Time has taught me this truth — my ability to help, change or rescue someone else begins and ends with me working on myself.

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