What If There Was No Right Or Wrong?

Crazy right! I know. But, what if….

What if overnight we banished the idea of right or wrong and each choice stood alone simply as a different path? After all that is what right and wrong are…right? Ideas. Implanted in us from birth based on what we’re told, what we see, what our society and culture has deemed appropriate…implanted ideas.

We live in a world where part of the conditioning is to do what is right and avoid all that is wrong. So, we set out on a quest to choose the right job, be in the right relationship, go to the right school, do the right thing; in order to live the right life.

Always conscious of making the right choice. We fear being among those who are ridiculed and singled out for making the wrong choice and heading down the wrong path.

I don’t know if you can relate? But, sometimes I get so caught up in trying to make the right choice for my life that fear keeps me stuck in the ‘I don’t want to decide wrong’ zone where I fail to make a choice at all.

But what makes each choice a right one or wrong one? Who determines it so? Parents? Family? Friends? Society? Government? Status quo? Teacher? Guru? Pastor?

The short answer is ultimately Y-O-U.

Like the picture from a camera, what we each consider right or wrong will vary depending on the lens used and the filter applied.

You see, we all grow up differently. Different childhoods, different backgrounds, different cultures, different perspectives, different thoughts, different feelings… And our individual differences become the lens and filter that makeup our unique view and perception of life.

But, what if each choice is right simply because you made it?

A foolproof decision based on the tools you have and where you are in life at that moment. The exact choice needed for your life lessons, evolution and growth.

What if the only wrong choice is the one you fail to make.

What if within every choice are built-in coordinates to navigate us to exactly where we are meant to be at each given moment.

What if the outcome of every choice…right — wrong, good — bad…is always a story of Divine perfection.

What if…

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