Words Can’t Mask The Depth Of Your Being

“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who are you?

No, I mean really, what does how you live your life day-in and day-out say about you?

If I showed up and inconspicuously observed a day in your life what would it tell me?

Would the world begin and end with what you say, think and feel? Or would your world be expansively bigger than you?

Would I observe someone with a victim attitude? Does everything happen to you? Or, do you take full responsibility for the life created all around you?

Would it say you’re confined by the pain of the past? Or would you be forging a way forward despite the situations and circumstances that encumber you?

Would I see love in action? Would your soul connection radiate through? Are you inspiring? Encouraging?

Could I observe your commitment to yourself? Your commitment to others? Would your spirituality shine through?

Would it be easy to see how you choose the high road? Or would it be evident that your anger gets the best of you?

How would you treat others? How would you treat yourself?

Most of the time people will forget the words you spoke soon after leaving your company. But, the impression you made will remain — your energy, your presence, your character.

If you want to leave an impression that transcends, focus less on your ‘talk’ and more on your ‘walk.’ Many can say all the right words, but the words mean absolutely nothing if who you are is not in integrity with them.

There is an energy that surrounds you, an energy you emit out into the world. Your words carry energy. When you cultivate who you are being the energy of your words is greater and your words resonate deeper.

The more people see the way you live your life as an example, as someone they admire, respect and look up to, the louder who you are being speaks. Eventually, you’ll find less words are needed because who you are has already done the talking for you.

Others are watching. What’s being said?