You Are Responsible For Your Life

You have a role in EVERYTHING that happens in your life.

Every relationship, person, situation and/or circumstance that exists in your life was drawn to you from the energy you’re putting out and/or the life lessons you need to learn. If you don’t like the way a relationship, situation or circumstance is going figure out your role in it and take the necessary steps to make the changes you can make, in the direction you’d like it to go. You cannot change someone else, but you can always change yourself. You cannot make changes for another person; they have to make their own changes for themselves. It’s not your job to take responsibility for the entire situation, only for your role in it.

Don’t go through life living in a victim role, don’t let any external person or situation have that much influence and control in your life.

When you take responsibility for every faucet of your life you remove control from outside sources and put 100% of control for your life internal — on you and only you. As you focus inward everything outward will shift and changes will occur.

Your life is 100% your responsibility.

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