Change Your Thinking, Change Your Reality

Your external reality mirrors your internal relationship.

What’s the dialogue going on in your head? Pay attention to it.

The dialogue tells a story: your story. Within the dialogue are all the stories you tell to yourself. If you observe carefully you’ll hear the ways you justify your actions, let yourself off the hook and blame others for the circumstances that occur in your life. If you pay close attention you’ll witness the judge and jury inside of you, consistently deliberating the sentence of insufficiency. You’ll see how your thoughts, feelings and opinions are reflected in the people, situations and circumstances that surround you.

You can’t have a positive experience externally while remaining negative inside.

If life is a living hell for you and negativity always seems to be around you, your inner dialogue is pessimistic and your self-love is low. You have issues with your own self-confidence. You’re not happy with yourself so you won’t be happy with the external things and people that surround you; even if they are great. You’ll continue to attract the same things until you evict the cynic in your head. That’s where changing your life from a living hell to a living heaven starts. Replace the negative chatter with optimism, self-love and unwavering self-confidence. It won’t be easy, but it can be done with continual observation and work.

If you find yourself constantly judging others and putting them down, with or without reasonable cause, it’s because you’re judging yourself. You’re hard on yourself, and nothing you do is ever good enough for you. Judging others is a reflection of what you’re doing to yourself. Get rid of the justice department within yourself and your judgment of others will start to fade away.

If drama seems to always surround you, you’re the reason it’s in your life. There’s a part of you that gets off on it; whether you’re conscious of it or not. There’s an internal piece of you that draws in the drama; it needs it to keep surviving. The first step is admitting that a part of you likes it, and taking responsibility for the internal problem. Next, take time to see, hear and observe that piece of yourself so you can work to heal it. If you heal that piece of yourself the drama will naturally subside.

If you’re feeling not-enoughness in others presence, know that no one can make you feel like you’re not enough. If you’re feeling not good enough, smart enough, talented enough or pretty enough it’s not another person causing it. The other person triggered the feelings with what they said or did. But, they can only trigger a feeling that already exists inside of you. They are not the problem. You’re internal feelings about yourself are the issue; that’s what you need to focus on. If you can work through the feelings inside, what they do or say will bounce off of you; it won’t matter anymore.

The voice in your head is powerful beyond measure. When you notice recurring situations, people or circumstances showing up in your life check you internal broadcast system. It’s the source of what’s manifesting in your reality.

Heal the source, change the manifestation.

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