Your Life Requires Your Presence

Stop living your life distracted.

How often are you present in your own life? How often are you aware of the moment as it transpires?

We now have more distractions than ever. Multi-tasking is the name of the game. Facebook needs checking while out on a date. The TV needs watching while talking on the phone to a friend. A text message needs to be returned while driving. Tomorrow’s events need to be mentally reviewed while having sex. A question is asked and by the time it’s answered the mind is already on to another subject.

Human connection is becoming extinct and listening a lost art.

We go through life half present and half somewhere else. Not fully there for each other, not fully there for ourselves.

Every single second of our lives is unique; each one a once in a lifetime experience. And we’re missing out.

Your life deserves your presence. You owe it to yourself to fully feel and experience every moment.

Take time to stop, breathe, observe and look around. No take-backs, no do-overs. Take on each activity as if you’re doing it for the first time; as if you’ll never have the opportunity to do it again.

Notice the vivid, beautiful, amazingness of life.

Right here, right now is the only real, sure thing; it’s all we’ve got. The past is a memory and the future an expectation. Learn to leave the past in the past and save the future for if it comes.

Don’t half-do life. Become mindful of the distractions. Life changes when you’re fully present in it.

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