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Money Is Not Reality

The Soul Tribe Podcast said in their Patreon group they’d be asking their Akashic Records about money and the relationship between it and us as lightworkers — and that they’d be creating a podcast episode to cover it. I decided to go ahead and ask my Akashic Records too; I’m curious to see if any of the same messaging I received comes through in the messages they channel for the show!

July 8, 2021

Q: What should I know about money?

A: The answer to financial considerations encompasses much of your daily world but it often masks the spiritual…



Writers ask their Akashic Records questions that are important to them and share the answers with you.

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April Dawn Scheffler

Poet, Author, and Podcast Host of Scheffy’s Sandbox. Dream Interpreter, Numerologist, and Soul-Empowering Hypnosis practitioner.