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A Perfect Example Of Angel Intervention

Painting by Donna Frasca

To start, I noted the time as I was writing, and it was 10:10 am — that is an Angel number and validation to my point.

I’m going to make a rather long story very short. My husband and I had a huge falling out with our daughter; we have not spoken to her for a year and a half.

Being parents, this made us sick with worry and stress for a very long time. My husband wound up getting shingles, and I had many sleepless nights. I can’t imagine how she felt without her family for almost two years.

My husband and I went out to breakfast yesterday and then we were going to do some shopping. We received a text message from our daughter, and we were not going to answer it because we were not on speaking terms. He also missed a call he didn’t see because his phone was shut off. We just sat there at breakfast, briefly looking at each other, wondering what to do.

Then my phone rang, and I knew something was very wrong. I grabbed the phone and walked outside the restaurant, and it was my daughter crying. She was on a weekend with friends at a B&B four hours from our home. The first thing I asked was if she was okay or if she got into an accident, but it was hard to hear her through her crying.

She continued apologizing profusely, saying she was done and tired of being alone and living without her family. She wanted to start over. I broke down and started crying outside in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Again without going into a ton of detail, our conversation continued for about 10 minutes.

And this is where an Angel’s intervention came in.

Before she went on this four-hour journey, she took her car to the shop and had it inspected, and everything checked out just fine. She made sure that her car, being an older car, was okay for a 4-hour drive; she got the thumbs up. Nothing should have gone wrong.

Apparently, a hose sprung a leak, and her car overheated and got stuck in its tracks. Luckily she was still at the B&B and not alone on the side of the road. She was with friends, so she was safe.

Now think about this for a moment. What are the chances of a car breaking that was just at the shop and checked thoroughly? I say slim to none.

After I got off the phone with my daughter, spoke with my husband, and was able to quiet my heart down for a few hours, I thought about this long and hard.

Our Angels looked at both sides and decided we needed to reunite as a family. So somehow, a hole just happened to pop in a radiator hose, and as I said, it was at a safe place, not on the side of the road. I’m pretty sure the Angels said, “okay, we need to get this family together, and enough is enough.”

This is a perfect example of how our angels interact when we need help or guidance.

Every morning when I get out of bed, I pray for health and happiness for my family and my kids and that we get back together with our daughter — every morning!

I also had a dream about three weeks ago that was a premonition. In this dream, my daughter came up to me, and she was so full of joy and love; she hugged me and said, “Mom, let’s please put all this behind us and be a family again.” I was so happy I cried when I woke up; this dream felt so real! I pray that my premonition will come true!

To conclude, my premonition, my daughter’s car, which happened to break down against all odds, was clearly an Angel intervention. Sometimes life gets to the point where our Angels must step in and bandage things up for us. I also asked my Angels for help in guidance just about every day, and they do answer our requests, but we have to ask.

If you walk away with any message from my experience is to please, please continue to ask your Angels for help in guidance. They will, in some way, shape, or form, make it happen for you but you have to ask!

P.S. If you’d like to contribute and be a part of the Soul Craft family, our doors are always open! Simply comment down below or on the Submissions Guidelines post. We would love to have you on board!



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