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Dear Brain,

I lie there, in bed, awake. What does tomorrow hold? Ah! An appointment with the Chiropractor.

Brain Overload Self Portrait — Photo by the Author

Be sure to tell him, when you hover, it hurts!

Don’t forget to mention, when you did that one exercise, you felt something weird.

Also, you tried laying down and lifting both legs off the ground, and you couldn’t do that. Ask him if that’s bad, or not.

Ask him if he thinks you should come less often, or more often. Maybe you aren’t healing fast enough…or maybe you are?

Try to figure out what caused the initial back problem.

See if that sign is still on the door. You know…the one that says call first before coming inside. I know you don’t want to walk up to the mirrored glass door to read a sign as they stare at you from inside. Just call anyway, you’re probably the only one that reads the sign. You’re probably the only nuisance ringing the line asking stupid questions…

If he asks about your exercises, be sure to let him know you had trouble with the one and you need clarification on the other.

Don’t forget to lie on your stomach first, he always has you start out that way. Remember last time? You laid on your back first, idiot…

“How are things going today?” he asks.

“Getting better!”

…and just like that your appointment is over and none of the conversations and scenarios you played out in your mind ever happened. Yet you spent minute after minute wasting time thinking about all of the what if’s to protect yourself.

But what are you protecting yourself from? Fear of failure? Fear of embarrassment?

Yours Truly,


Vanessa Powell



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Vanessa Powell

Vanessa Powell

I am a portrait photographer, graphic designer, creator extraordinaire. I suppose I am dabbling in writing too 😊 | 721vanessa Photography |