Marian Bruce, “Untitled”–mixed media, 2013

Doll Heads

By Helen Moore

A poem after a sculture by Marian Bruce

Helen Moore is an award-winning ecopoet, socially engaged artist and Forest Schools leader based in Somerset. Her debut poetry collection, Hedge Fund, And Other Living Margins (Shearsman Books, 2012), was described by Alasdair Paterson as being “in the great tradition of visionary politics in British poetry.” Her second collection, ECOZOA, recently published by Permanent Publications, responds to Thomas Berry’s vision of the ‘Ecozoic Era’, where we live in harmony “with the Earth as community.” Her book has already been acclaimed by a leading literary figure, John Kinsella, as “a milestone in the journey of ecopoetics”. Helen also collaborates with film-maker Howard Vause in making poetry films, including this, her most recent: FFI:

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