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Letter sent on Sep 5

Only the poets can save us now* — an invitation to Medium writers and creators…

(*and artists and therapists and writers and entrepreneurs and coaches and counsellors and shamans and healers….)

In the summer of 2013, at the last of the Uncivilisation Festivals run by the Dark Mountain Project, I got into conversation with C.A. Hawksmoor** about psychology, madness and wild minds. From that conversation emerged Unpsychology Magazine — a journal of poetry, fiction, art and non-fiction responding to themes of psychology, soul-making imagination and ecology.

It was launched as a vehicle for exploring alternative and ‘uncivilised’ responses to psychology and culture. It grew out from the acorn of James Hillman’s radical soul-making theories; the slopes of the ‘uncivilised’ Dark Mountain Project and a growing ecosystem of ecopsychologists, feminists, neurodiversity activists, arts practitioners and others.

Against a background of social and ecological crisis — our troubled times — Unpsychology Magazine invited authors and artists to come up with stories and ideas that cut through the limiting assumptions of psychology, therapy and culture, and to begin to craft new ways of thinking about what it means to be ‘normal’ in our societies. Unpsychology sits alongside initiatives and approaches like the Dark Mountain Project, Icarus Project, Hearing Voices Network, Open Dialogue, Lapidus, the Spiritual Companions Trust, The Spiritual Crisis Network, the Ecopsychology Network, the Climate Psychology Alliance and many others.

The magazine has also forged links to the soulmaking community of artists, activists and practitioners who are developing life and work practices based on imagination, depth, creativity and ecology of mind. The first two print issues of Unpsychology were edited by Cae Hawksmoor and me. Each contained a variety of voices and themes. There was no thematic criteria for inclusion, apart from the quality of the writing and images, and the way the pieces hung together intuitively (in the eyes of the editors at least!).

The third was a themed edition on Childhood with a keynote contribution from Jay Griffiths and illustrations by Ruth Thorp. I think that what emerged was intriguing and beautiful, and you can judge for yourself at www.unpsychology.org.

We now want to go further; to establish Unpsychology as a go-to place for readers and writers looking for new stories of ‘mind’ that have diversity and depth; where new and emerging approaches and ‘therapies’ can be highlighted. And we will continue to explore progressive, imaginative, poetic and wild approaches to healing, therapy, culture and development in what often seems to be a crumbling world.

I’d like you, as a potential contributor, and a Medium writer, to be part of that future.

This next edition will be published digitally in various formats and will have a theme of Climate Minds. The anthology issue will be edited by Steve Thorp and Julia Macintosh, with art direction by Ruth Thorp.

The submissions guidelines are HERE. We look forward to seeing your work!

*Only the poets can save us now is the title of an essay by Richard Reese who writes the What is Sustainable blog at: wildancestors.blogspot.co.uk/

**Cae Hawksmoor is a fantasy and science fiction writer living between genders and between worlds, but also in North Wales surrounded by the mountains. They co-edited the first two Unpsychology Magazines.