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The 12 Universal Laws — and How to Apply Them to Your Daily Life

The 12 Universal Laws are thought to be "intrinsic, unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known".

Originating from ancient Hawaiian culture, the Universal Laws can help to adjust your understanding of why things are the way they are and give life a deeper meaning.

Universal Laws are always working — whether or not you are aware of them (or even believe in them). Understanding these laws' impact and importance on your life can put you at a more significant advantage and help you thrive during your time on Earth.

#1: The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything and everyone is connected. Every atom inside you is connected in some way, shape, or form to the rest of the universe you move through.

Every word, action and thought we have, has a ripple effect that impacts the collective. Subconsciously we are all connected, which means that thinking about the good in others — means they will think of the good in us.

In a practical sense, if we allow ourselves to explore our desires, indulge in our passions and truly become the best version of ourselves — we will, in turn, bring joy to those around us through our life purpose.

#2: The Law of Energy or Vibration

The Law of Energy, or Vibration, states that everything (every atom, object, and living thing) is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency.

The frequency is the speed or rate at which something vibrates — essentially, its vibrational energy.

A person's energy — yours, mine, or the energy of a space — a room, a house, a city — isn't something we can see or touch — because we as humans have not evolved into seeing the energy. But you can sense it, feel it and at times, react to it.

Each thought and feeling has its unique vibration pattern, and it will magnetically attract other things that vibrate at that same low frequency. You will attract other things of the same frequency if you feel negative thoughts.

In a practical sense, everything in the world has a vibration. Positive feelings and emotions (energy in motion), such as joy or love, mean you have a higher vibration; this is why having a positive mindset is crucial to manifesting your desires and goals.

#3: The Law of Action

The Law of action states that we must take action in our lives to see changes happen. Every act or lack of action — creates a result. If we do nothing, then nothing happens.

When it comes to manifesting, our actions must support our desires. There is a lot of misinformation regarding manifestation, in that many people believe you "think and become rich". Although a positive mindset is critical (Law of Vibration), we must also take action.

The actions we take need to actively support our thoughts and bring us closer to achieving our goals — inaction is still an action in that it will bring us closer to an undesired outcome.

Practically, if we couple our positive mindset — which brings forth opportunities, with mindful action — these small steps propel us forward and bring to life our desires and goals.

#4: The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence states that what happens around us directly reflects what is happening within us.

How you feel — is what you manifest. Every action we take thought, or feeling is reflected in our outer world. Essentially, what we feel, is what we get.

In a practical sense, if you constantly think you will never find love, you'll always be unhealthy, your business will fail — you will continue to experience what you believe.

Your inner world reflects in your outer world.

#5: The Law of Cause and Effect

There are no coincidences. Our actions create a reaction.

Newton's Third Law states:

“For every action (force) in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Practically, if you tell someone they look stunning today, they will react, whether they smile and say thank you or try to bat the compliment away. You acted, and there was a reaction.

#6: The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation states that a person will always be compensated for their efforts and contributions, no matter the effort and energy they put into it.

Every soul is earning Karma whilst they are incarnated on Earth. If you think of it as a scorecard, for every positive thing you do, you make + points, and for every negative thing you do, you have points deducted, creating Karmic Debt. If we die with Karmic Debt, we must pay it back in our next lifetime. Do your soul a favour and try not to accumulate debt.

When something positive happens in our lives, whether a miracle, new friend, business opportunity or lover, this is the Law of Compensation in action.

In a practical sense, "you reap what you sow". Be kind, be generous and reap the compensation that will come back to you for your good deeds. You may not get it in this life, as your soul may have planned a different experience for you, but it will surely come back to you in another lifetime.

#7: The Law of Attraction

Probably the Law we are most familiar with. This Law is all about attracting things to us through our energy.

Energy wants to multiply; whether positive or negative, it constantly seeks out other energetic beings to combine and strengthen.

If you keep your vibration high through positive thought patterns and actions, you will attract more of the same into your life, and of course, the reverse is also true.

In a practical sense, like attracts like.

#8: The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is constantly moving, transmuting, or transferring and always in motion.

The essence of this Law is that we have the power to change our lives. Everything is constantly changing, and nothing stays constant. You can transmute your energy to manifest what you want as a soul. You will only have this life once, so make the most of it.

In a practical sense, take the emotions you feel (energy in motion) and transform them into something positive. If you are agitated, go for a run; if you feel sociable and joyous, meet up with friends, and so on.

#9: The Law of Relativity

Our souls planned our lives before they incarnated as us. They chose our parents, friends, families and even our bodies. They picked the challenges and life lessons we would learn in this lifetime for soul advancement.

This Law suggests that we are inclined to compare ourselves to others, but in reality, everything is neutral. It comes down to our perspective and perception of others that create the associated feelings that go with that comparison.

In a practical sense, when you compare (and despair), list five things you are grateful for to remind yourself of what you already have.

#10: The Law of Polarity

This Law states that everything has an opposite — there are two sides to the coin.

Love and hate, good and evil, warm and cold, dark and light, fear and courage.

Contrast brings clarity. We cannot appreciate the moon's beauty without the sky's darkness.

In a practical sense, when facing a challenge, connect with what the opposite could look like. There is a lesson in the polarity.

#11: The Law of Rhythm

Everything is cyclical. Everything in the universe has speed, rhythm, and vibration.

There are stages of development for all. The seasons of the Earth have their flow.

Practically, the only way to master your rhythm is to acknowledge and accept that you are unique and your speed may not be as fast or slow as someone else and to honour your difference.

Human Design can help with establishing how you are designed to work.

#12: The Law of Gender

This Universal Law states masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies exist in all things. For our souls to have the best experience, we must balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Historically society has operated from the masculine "Hustle Culture", but we are seeing feminine energetics becoming more prominent.

In a practical sense, balancing your elements could look like combining logic, strategic thinking, and assertiveness with the more feminine aspects of patience, vulnerability and compassion. By combining these two opposites — dependent on each other — you will have far more success in anything you do.

In Summary

It may feel overwhelming to have learnt the twelve laws, and your brain may be whirring away trying to understand how to integrate these into your life.

The Laws are less about integration and more about understanding. Having read this article, the information has already been stored, and you will find yourself making small changes every day that helps you to embody the principles in your day-to-day life.


Sam is an intuitive healer and visionary who holds space for heart-centric souls to discover their strengths, find their true purpose and take bold steps towards living a life aligned with their core values.
Through a fusion of psychology, spirituality, Human Design and two decades of business experience, Sam has supported hundreds of people to find their purpose, live life with more flow and build businesses that thrive.
She is a sought-after thought leader, and her work has been featured in numerous publications and television appearances on BBC and Channel 5 News.

Connect on Instagram or Tiktok or read more about Sam and her coaching services here.




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Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess


Through psychology, spirituality & business strategy I support heart-led souls to manifest their dream life by living intuitively and finding purposeful work.