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What Is Karma, and What Effect Does This Have on the Soul’s Purpose?

Karma. We often hear this as “Karmas a bitch” concerning doing something terrible and believing it will come back to haunt you. However, although somewhat accurate, Karma is not only bad, Karma can be good, and Karma is not only created but essential to our soul’s evolution.

What is Karma?

The dictionary defines Karma as:

“(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.”

Or more informally as:

“good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions.”

What is our Soul?

Our soul a form of energy; it is a non-physical being.

Souls cannot touch, see, hear or smell the physical aspect of existence. They experience the world, planet Earth, through the human body; they can only sense the energy underlying it.

For example, when we hug our loved ones, watch a sunset, listen to music, smell freshly baked bread, or tell a lie, our soul receives the positive or negative energy that derives during the act.

Emotions (Energy in Motion) are created by and create electrical impulses within the body. In response, our soul raises or lowers its speed of vibration/frequency. The higher the soul frequency, the closer we are to achieving true happiness.

We release energy through the emotions contained in our thoughts. Our soul receives energetic impulses via the feeling generated when we take action.

Every action follows a thought; therefore, every action entails an emotion.

The souls’ participation in anything we humans do is through the emotion generated during, before and after the act.

The feeling or intention chosen before the action will set in motion the energy cycle the act will radiate to the soul — if you embark on your effort with a negative mindset, you will create more negative energy. Still, more positive energy is produced if you take a positive outlook.

We do not take any action where no emotion is attached to it. Even when breathing, we feel positive or negative in our thought process.

Every action we take creates Karma.

We create positive Karma when our motivation behind a deed is neutral or positive — such as joy, love, willingness and compassion. Negative Karma manifests when our rationale for our actions is low frequency — such as jealousy, fear, apathy, guilt or shame.

Whether a positive or negative karmic cycle manifests depends on the energy emitted. Therefore, we can create positive Karma for ourselves if we think positively and look for the good in all we do.

Stuck in a negative karmic loop, the soul believes that happiness is not achievable and loses the perseverance necessary to weather the challenges set by its Soul Plan.

Its low frequency attracts other energies that emit this vibration and embarks on shortcuts to “happiness”. The shortcuts are dark — manipulation, greed, lying, cheating, and stealing. They give the soul a short-lived sense of happiness; however, these actions take the joy away from other souls — and therefore, negative Karma accumulates.

Creating negative Karma prevents the soul from evolving its frequency to enlightenment (the highest form of positive vibration) and delays it from achieving its life purpose. To settle the karmic debt, it will roll over into its next life/s so that the soul can wipe the slate clean and continue its path to enlightenment.


Sam is an intuitive healer and visionary who holds space for heart-centric souls to discover their strengths, find their true purpose and take bold steps towards living a life aligned with their core values.
Through a fusion of psychology, spirituality, Human Design and two decades of business experience, Sam has supported hundreds of people to find their purpose, live life with more flow and build businesses that thrive.
She is a sought-after thought leader, and her work has been featured in numerous publications and television appearances on BBC and Channel 5 News.

Connect on Instagram or Tiktok or read more about Sam and her coaching services here.



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Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess


Through psychology, spirituality & business strategy I support heart-led souls to manifest their dream life by living intuitively and finding purposeful work.