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New Publication for Medium Mystics

Vaishali Paliwal
Jul 18 · 2 min read
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Soul & Sea publication is a safe space of raw freedom to share our poetry and stories on experiences of our souls and the divine.

It is an ongoing inquiry and dialogue with self and others for finding an eternal connection of love and unity.

Join this sacred circle to bring to the community your experiences, enlightening moments and lessons learned while you do your soul search, study consciousness, connect with divinity, worship, meditate, dance and sing.

Warmly inviting here all the poetic inquirers, wandering mystics, devotees of any faith and religion, Sufis, energy healers, astrologers, light workers, Chakra cleansers, Yogis, witches, saints and sages, Reiki practioners, gardeners, crystal lovers, followers of the moon.

This is a free flow sharing experience. Imagine that you wake up from that deep trance and the first words that come to your still mind, share them on this board. As long as the piece is not offending or is insensitive to any other branch of this holy tree, it is safe and free here in our shared garden.

If you are interested to submit here, please just add a comment to this post below with your wish to do so.

Please help making sure to have Soul and Sea as one of your tags. Thanks

Although this is a category free publication please try to shoot for below as one of your tags or themes:






Love and light
-Soul & Sea

Soul & Sea

Poetry of the mystics

Vaishali Paliwal

Written by

Poetic multiplications.

Soul & Sea

Poetry of the mystics

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