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  • What makes me different than other men? than other humans? If I look into the mirror, the first idea to come to my head is far from my mind pronouncing "me", instead, I see a man, the elongated body of a man, the relief of my ribs showing through the side of my torso’s skin, the pigment of my skin under the obscurity of my bathroom, reflecting on my mirror, and I see little else than a set of eyes, hair, and a head. Now, what differentiates me? from anybody else? That I can choose to look at myself in the mirror at any instance, I can choose to feel my entire body always, to sense my mind, and in the act, I can love: I can see nothing else than beauty; Bliss leaves me no other position than to agree with her.

Poetry of the mystics

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Abraham Muñoz Bravo

Abraham Muñoz Bravo

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