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Goddess Forecast ~ Compassion Before Solutions

Last week, I began a new astrology series on Goddess-oriented planetary bodies with a post on Lilith, not a planetary body but a position in space describing the primal aspect of self. I felt she deserved her own discussion given Lilith’s powerful impact on our lives. But today, I wanted to look at the other Goddess influences: Vesta, Juno, Ceres, and Pallas, and their effect upon the week ahead.

One note about the week that I’ll look at separately. A 12/12 portal opens on Thursday, 12 December, a 3/3 energetic gateway similar to the 3/3/3 portal from 12/3/2019 earlier this month. This second appearance either means the portal is closing, or it’s still in effect, and I’ll look at the Goddess aspects that day to see how they might impact the portal’s message.

Although all the Goddess-named planetary bodies focus on our fundamental nature and are therefore aligned with Elemental Earth energies, Vesta and Ceres share characteristics more in alignment with Earth and Water while Pallas and Juno appear to align more with Fire and Air.

Pallas and Juno involve the intellect and expanded higher consciousness and reflect the active influence of both Air (intellect) and Will (creativity) so it’s easy to understand why Vesta and Ceres, both resonating with the passive influences of Earth (physical) and Water (emotions), might be at the other end of the spectrum. So, we can only imagine the polarity that needs to find its balance when aspects are in play along that energetic continuum.

A closer look at the aspects…

An opposition between Vesta and Mars sets the tone this week potentially impacting our interactions with other women. A lack of respect surrounding well-being may occur and relationships may be challenged.

Although a trine between Vesta and Ceres focusing on nurturing both self and others is in play, aspects between Vesta/Ceres, and Pallas/Juno suggest a difference in approach may cause challenges over the next week. Vesta takes a practical approach based on tradition while both Pallas and Juno are ready to explore new ideas. However, Vesta in Taurus and the 2nd House suggests concerns over security which may leave us hesitant to explore new options.

A square between Ceres and Juno defines the issue over respect this week by suggesting a choice is necessary between nurturing others or taking a dispassionate view of the situation. This may impact the choice between extending compassion to those in need, or the willingness to accept the same from others. Pallas, on the other hand, is in sextile with Ceres this week, suggesting a way forward if we allow ourselves to look at the bigger picture.

An additional underlying influence may lie with the Ascendant in Pisces. Vesta sextile the Ascendant uses an imaginative approach when helping others reinforced by the same between Ceres and the Ascendant; Juno quincunx the Ascendant cautions against “saving others”; and, Pallas square the Ascendant takes a more rational approach to the situation.

So, the underlying difficulty or conflict we may experience this week arises from an interaction between Vesta opposing Mars and Goddess aspects with the Ascendant (Pisces). Do we extend compassion, or do we try to impose solutions when sometimes all that’s needed is a friend who will simply listen?

In other words, will we seek to control another’s experience or will we simply drop resistance and hear what’s in their heart?

Regarding the 12/12 portal…

Another outlier involves the Sun, Moon, and Black Moon Lilith. Squaring both the Moon and the Sun, both aspects suggest self-direction over Lilith’s typical self-orientation and scattered effect. But it may be our primal Goddess’s impact on the day that allows us to understand the destructive effect of a more dispassionate approach when others need our attention and nurturing.

While we do want to take care of the needs of others, we should make every attempt to assess if that’s what they really need. But to do that, it’s best to drop resistance and initially hear them out. Use the wisdom from Pallas to recognize whether or not a new approach is necessary or if all that’s needed is understanding.

Allow others to feel heard and understood before offering advice. That way, both sides of the equation are represented with respect and dignity. The 12/12 portal describes catalyzing polarity. But do we manifest that polarity in the extreme, or do we understand its greater message?

Compassion and dispassion are two sides of the same coin, different only by their degree. At their most extreme, compassion gives way to a lack of boundaries while at the other, dispassion gives way to indifference.

The message of the 12/12 portal is clear. Offer compassion before offering solutions. We need to hear the concerns of others before suggesting a new path.

A dual three numerology also suggests a middle way, or that compromise is possible, which would certainly satisfy Juno’s wish for the transmutation of ego into Spirit. But the dual aspect of the 12/12 portal also suggests a 33 or Christ Consciousness energy as well reinforcing awakening to a higher level of understanding.

Therefore, we can say with assuredness that a new understanding is possible this week reflecting a call to awakening and a return to balance with others.

Until next time…

Goddess Blessings to all!

Originally published at on December 8, 2019.



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