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Lilith Through The Houses

Black Moon Lilith moves through the houses every two hours and represents not a planet or an asteroid but the point in space where the Moon’s orbit is furthest from Earth. She also notoriously represents instinct and the wild within. And she challenges us to rethink who we are and how we interact with the world.

The chart we’re looking at today is for 22 December 2019 and I used the beginning of that day for the time. From there, I verified Lilith’s location over the twenty-four hour period.

With Lilith currently in Pisces, she may express profound distrust regarding the moods of others, inevitably engaging in behavior that is self-defeating. But then that’s the core issue with our inner Lilith. We’re to transmute our darker primal nature into a higher Source-based awareness that leads to self-empowerment, which for Lilith is a tall order.

The challenges she faces are expressed through the Houses through which Lilith travels and she begins today in the 6th House (58°PI25′ 0:00 am) of work, routine, and health. Here our primal Goddess must choose between work and play, routine or chaos, or self-care/nurturing or self-abuse/neglect. She may over-obsess about her health while doing nothing to support wellness, blaming everyone but herself when problems occur. Either way, the challenge is for Lilith to make a choice and then own the outcome. In other words, avoid martyrdom.

Two hours later (58°PI25′ 2:00 am) Lilith travels into the 5th House of creativity, pleasure, and children. Enjoyment can be a burden for our dark Goddess for it provides the space for mischief and manipulation, especially given Lilith’s penchant for bravado and freedom. Boundaries could constrain Lilith into a level of responsibility she’s reluctant to take on. Conversely, a lack of boundaries may result in a lack of impulse control that benefits no one.

Moving into the 4th House(59°PI25′ 4:00 am), home and hearth can either provide a foundation for Lilith or it can leave our goddess feeling constrained or repressed. And, when that happens, Lilith tends to break free. At the center of this is Lilith’s imbalance between head and heart or intellect/reason versus emotion. Will Lilith become confused by the emotions of others and overreact or can she take a more dispassionate view of her family? In a sense, that’s the issue with our inner Lilith…can we step away from the chaos long enough to view our experiences with family from Higher Self vision? To know that everyone is doing the best they can and to love them unconditionally.

The 3rd House (59°PI25′ 6:00 am) of communication is the perfect place for Lilith to practice non-judgmental communication with others, one of her greatest challenges of all. Lilith causes chaos in her interactions with others by judging harshly that which she hasn’t taken the time to understand. She blames others for her own issues and unfortunately lets everyone know how she feels causing all sorts of consternation with those she loves. In the 3rd House, Lilith may manipulate and be prone to violent anger in complete defiance of accepted behavioral norms.

In the 2nd House of possessions (26°PI00′ 8:00 am), Lilith falls victim to temptation and goes on a proverbial shopping spree in her manic attempt at self-actualization. Lilith will use any justification for her outrageous behavior refusing to see that she’s responsible for her current financial state. Additionally, Lilith won’t appreciate any financial dependency on or from others. It’s just too much responsibility to include them in her chaos.

Ever the activist, Lilith is right at home in the 1st House (26°PI00′ 10:00 am) of self. However, that also appears dependent upon whether or not others are living up to Lilith’s expectations. Whereas most people attempt to put their best foot forward in this house, Lilith’s mood determines what that is, not only her own but for others as well. The challenge here for Lilith involves both self-awareness as well as her impact on others.

Fantasy really isn’t Lilith’s friend given her typical retreat into such, yet her moving into the 12th House (26°Pi01′ Noon) provides the space for plenty of that. It’s also the place where unconscious fear takes over and the blame game begins. Learning self-discipline, particularly around issues of routine, is the challenge in this house.

Lilith travels into the 11th House of friendship at 26°PI02′ 2:00 pm, or perhaps friendships that eternally fail our dark Goddess is the better description. Because that’s how Lilith experiences her relationships with others. Are they living up to Lilith’s own ideals? Or is it that she isn’t doing so? Either way, the struggle for Lilith in the 11th House is to learn both tolerance and reciprocity as well as how to be a friend or even something as simple as a contributing member of a group.

Lilith’s more ambitious side appears in the 10th House (26°PI02′ 4:00 pm) when issues surrounding work could be impacted by her insistence on control over others. In truth, this behavior is self-defeating in that it creates an unnecessary imbalance with others. But it’s an imbalance that our dark Goddess uses to her advantage, reinforcing her perceived authority by blaming her co-workers for her own short-sightedness. The goal for Lilith in the 10th House is to learn to contribute within a group setting in reciprocity and with respect for the talents and abilities of others.

Another activist moment exists for Lilith when she enters the 9th House (26°PI03′ 6:00 pm) of dreams, understanding, philosophy, the law, and higher learning. In the 9th House, Lilith is eager to expand her horizons but with a propensity toward rebellion. She challenges each person in her orbit to rethink their own fundamental truth as she also explores her own. And it’s here where the activist within may take an authoritarian turn if Lilith is unable to tolerate the disparate views of others. The 9th House suggests intelligent discourse. If only our dark Goddess could leave it there.

Issues of the responsible use of power arise for Lilith in the 8th House (26°PI03′ 8:00 pm), particularly surrounding shared resources. In this house, Lilith may have difficulty understanding the shared nature of relationships, preferring to assert power when reciprocity is necessary. But Lilith has an opportunity here to transmute those issues of authority into an understanding that reflects the greater picture, something that our dark Goddess is reluctant to experience.

The 7th House (26°PI04′ 10:00 pm) ends Lilith’s journey through the houses focusing on her concept of partnerships. Is it really the commitment of others she mistrusts or is it her own? Because for Lilith, loyalty is everything. However, is she capable of extending to others that which she expects from them? Early childhood experiences may have set the stage for all of this, especially if the parental relationship was volatile. If so, then again, learning how to engage with others with respect could be difficult.

Lilith allows each one of us to explore the darker nature of our personality, the unrestrained primal nature within. And if there exists a theme throughout that journey it’s that perspective is everything. We can manifest our experiences through the perception of our darker nature, or we can do so from a higher perspective, one that preserves balance, respect, and reciprocity in our relationships with others.

Until next time…

Blessed Be

Originally published at on December 23, 2019.



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