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Monthly Geomancy

February begins tomorrow and it’s time again to look at the geomancy influences for the coming month. I’ll begin with a breakdown of the shield chart and the definitions of each rune contained therein. Since Puella begins the reading, I’m using Kedemel as its associated Spirit sigil. A closer look at the shield chart appears below.

  1. Puella — Air, Venus, Libra, flighty, fortunate, young girl
  2. Amissio — Earth, Venus, Taurus, loss
  3. Tristitia — Earth, Saturn, Aquarius, sadness, grief, evil
  4. Via — Water, Moon, Leo, way, path, journey, active presence
  5. Puer — Fire, Mars, Aries, young boy, impulsive action
  6. Tristitia — Earth, Saturn, Aquarius, sadness, grief, evil
  7. Puer — Fire, Mars, Aries, young boy, impulsive action
  8. Puella — Air, Venus, Libra, fortunate, young girl
  9. Tristitia — Earth, Saturn, Aquarius, sadness, grief, evil
  10. Cauda Draconis — Fire, Dragon’s Tail, Sagittarius, the exit, lower kingdom, karma, past life, corruption, evil influence
  11. Fortuna Minor — Fire, Sun, Taurus, nocturnal, lesser fortune
  12. Conjunctio — Air, Mercury, Virgo, joining
  13. Right Witness: Via — Water, Moon, Leo, way, path, journey, active presence
  14. Left Witness: Amissio — Earth, Venus, Taurus, loss
  15. Acquisitio — Air, Jupiter, Aries, gain, profit
  • Air — 5 (intellect)
  • Fire — 5 (will)
  • Water — 2 (emotions)
  • Earth — 3 (physical)
  • Zodiac — Libra (2), Aquarius (3), Aries (2), Taurus (3), Sagittarius (2), Cancer (2), and Virgo (1)

Before we look at how each week breaks down, I wanted to note that a pattern of complements exists as well as several runes repeat. Complementing each other are Puella/Puer, and Amissio/Aquisitio, and repeating are Puella, Amissio, Tristitia, and Via.

Week One

Week one is comprised by Puella, Amissio, and Tristitia, the runes occupying boxes 1, 2, and 9. Erratic or unstable energy followed by loss, sadness, grief, or possible evil may impact the first week of February suggesting a potentially volatile beginning to the month. It may be that deception has won the day or that it fell flat on its face and lost whatever momentum gained. Paired with the sadness and grief associated with Tristitia, the loss experienced with Amissio’s influence likely depends on one’s perspective or the side on which you stand.

Week Two

Tristitia (box 3) appears again in week two along with Via (4) and Cauda Draconis (10) suggesting a new direction or path taken born from endings and grief. Again, how this plays out is dependent upon one’s perspective. But it’s clear that any grief or sadness experienced has resulted in a new path or direction, with one caveat. The corruption and evil described by both Cauda Draconis and Tristitia may be the causation behind the grief or change in direction.

Week Three

Puer (5), Tristitia (6), and Fortuna Minor (11) comprise week three’s geomantic influences with sadness and grief again at the foundation of the week’s experiences. Unstable energy describes Puer’s effect with lesser fortune achieved as a result. Clearly, situations are still unstable and in flux. Until a more balanced effort can be made, continued sadness and grief may be experienced. One outlier may exist with Puer, however, and the possibility that the lack of impulse control may be stemming from underlying evil influences at work.

Week Four

Both Puer (7) and Puella (8) appear again this week suggesting unstable or erratic energy and impulse control may still be lacking. However, Conjunctio is also present suggesting a blending of energies or a joining of some kind is possible which either portends a rocky week or a dissipation of that energy. But given how the rest of the month has been going, my money’s on instability.

Right and Left Witnesses and the Judge

Via appears again in the Right Witness (active/direct) position while Amissio appears as the Left Witness (passive/indirect) so we’re looking again at both a new path and loss influencing the Judge or outcome of the month.

The lower section of the shield chart describes the overall influences that are guiding the month. All three positions can be defined as the geomancer wishes and I prefer to leave the Witnesses as general influences on the Judge or outcome. If the situation still isn’t clear I can combine the Judge with the first rune and derive a Reconciler. But that may not be necessary in this case.

It’s interesting that Aquisitio occupies the Judge position suggesting a month where we experience some sort of gain overall leading me to question the nature of the loss that we experience, again with perspective the most important factor.

If this surrounds the impeachment, then the loss experienced will be predicated upon the perspective of the individual in question. Clearly, a very different outcome will be perceived. But with either outcome, it’s clear that a new direction will be taken.

I decided to create a reconciler from Acquisitio and Puella resulting in Cauda Draconis, reinforcing the truth that an overwhelming evil force is at work this month. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess, however, if my pendulum is any indicator, and it typically is spot on, the dark forces in question will ultimately destroy themselves.

That process begins now.

Until next time…

Blessings to all…

Originally published at on January 31, 2020.



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