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Monthly Tarot ~ December 2019

Within the plethora of available Tarot decks, the Thoth Tarot is quite visionary in its non-traditional expression. But then, maybe we need another definition of traditional. In any event, on the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s death, I’m excited to use his Thoth Tarot for this month’s reading.

I’m using four significator cards, one for each week along with two additional cards to expand somewhat on the significator’s overall message. A quick look at the reading shows the following breakdown and after that, we’ll look at each week.

  • Wands — 3
  • Swords — 3
  • Disks — 2
  • Cups — 0
  • Court — Queen — 1
  • Majors — 4
  • Fire — 5
  • Air — 4
  • Earth — 2
  • Water — 1

Week One

The first week in December begins with our ability to maintain dominion over defeat and cruelty. An overall one numerology suggests new beginnings are possible and it could be we’re focusing our efforts toward a Higher purpose.

Two large, ornate spears, are crossed in front of six flames emanating from an unseen force. A card of Mars in Aries, the 2 of Wands suggests vitality and the indifference of Will when dealing with life’s illusory nature. The dominion of Will, directed by Spirit, transmutes perception based on illusion into fundamental truth enabling us to let go of that which no longer serves, issues revealed by the two remaining cards for the week.

Two cards from the suit of Swords comprise the week’s remaining influences, further defining what our will transmutes. The 5 of Swords describes defeat and loss predicated by a focus on egoic perception. Five curved swords, one chipped from battle, point toward the center of an inverted pentagram, each with its own agenda. Venus in Aquarius controls the astrological nature of the card suggesting a lack of emotional balance is present. We may feel defeated this week, likely due to our own perceptions holding us back.

The 9 of Swords doesn’t help the situation with its focus on cruelty, the influence of Mars in Gemini immediately felt. Harsh words or harsh perception, take your pick, but that’s at the heart of this card of Elemental Air as we struggle to make sense of reason run amok. 9 swords drip with blood illustrating the destructive power of negative self-talk. This card speaks of abject cruelty but is it defined by we do to others, or by cruelty we visit upon the self?

Considering the first week’s overall numerology of one and new beginnings, we may be using our will this week to take control of negative perceptions that have so far held us back. The 2 of Wands suggests that we invoke our Soul’s Will, using that catalytic force to bring negative self-talk and perceptions into balance, transmuting them into a Higher perspective. Circling an emotional drain accomplishes just that, draining our life force preventing us from ascending into Higher awareness. The message of the 2 of Wands removes us from that self-destructive focus.

Week Two

Evidently our transmutation efforts were successful last week supporting a Higher Self focus this week. We forget that the human side of self is merely a projection, a slowing down of a portion of our astral self to create the bodies we inhabit. Ego reaction replaces Higher Self creation and transmutation is necessary so that we move into a higher vibratory state.

The Sun establishes the tone for this week suggesting Soul awareness and clarity. The light returns with this 19th card from the Major Arcana, with its one numerology indicating new beginnings are possible this week, especially true now that we’ve learned to transmute lower energies into those of a higher vibration. Two angelic children dance beneath the Sun’s rays, twelve in all, while astrological symbols rest in between, all contained within an Orphic egg, minus its coiled serpent, symbolizing creation.

This week, The Sun brings clarity to that which The Moon hides from view directing us on a path out of self-imposed darkness. As the Moon begins her death, a scarab reaches out from the water below in embrace of the rising Sun. Two tall Anubis figures stand guard at the passageway to rebirth and renewal as a three numerology this week suggests that we’re on the precipice of something new involving alignment between mind, body, and Spirit.

Lust is one of the cards from the Major Arcana that Crowley saw fit to change, and change it he did. Lust technically aligns with Strength, but Crowley places it in the position of Justice which he retitles, Adjustment, a beautiful rendition of balance and justice by the way.

As with Strength, Lust describes the power of the feminine to stimulate and direct the primal nature both within and without. She represents Lilith as well as the Whore of Babylon, challenging everything we believe is true as she holds up a golden chalice in supplication to the All. Lust represents Goddess power and unconditional love residing within.

Overall, it appears that if we allow Higher Self to inform our path forward, we emerge from the darkness of egoic perception allowing the light of truth to establish a different approach. Observe with dispassion and see the light in all.

Week Three

The energy of completion is experienced with this week’s nine numerology interacting with the significator’s numerology of new beginnings contained within Fortune, the tenth card of the Major Arcana. A Dagaz exchange, if you will, it brings to mind the idea of one phase ending and new one beginning.

The Wheel of Fortune continuously turns expressing the cyclical nature of both fortune and life in general. Geometric stars appear in the sky above as representations of mercury, salt, and sulfur surround the wheel, blending the substance of creation while indicating that at the level of form everything must be brought into balance. Lightning bolts extend to creation below suggesting a change in fortune, a possible result from last week’s Higher Self focus.

The 7 of Wands, titled Valour, depicts a crude club in front of six other ornate wands arranged in a balanced energetic pattern suggesting that balanced force or effort may not be enough to overcome challenges. It will take someone stepping forward and leading the charge before any change can take place. The 7 of Wands describes courageous opposition, speaking truth to power, the courage to meet obstacles, and influence over others.

The only Ace in the reading, the Ace of Disks suggests Prudence in all matters, with Virgo’s effect one of stability and groundedness. Crowley’s seal appears in the center of a blend of lingams both open and closed depicting tree rings and feathers emerging from pinecones. The Ace of Disks describes materialism, wealth, gain, legacy, stability, and manifested Earth energy.

We may have pushed beyond a tipping point reached during the first week of the month. We’ve learned how to transmute ego into Spirit and we can’t turn back now. We’re ready to stand up to forces that attempt to keep us focused on destructive perception, realizing that said forces are contained within the ego’s structures or boundaries. We simply need to remove all focus from such perception, our choices now grounded in Spirit instead of ego.

Week Four

A sense of futility describes the 7 of Swords, the significator for week four. A card governed by the Moon in Aquarius, seven swords comprise the scene, six pointing toward a seventh in the center of the card. Each sword signifies the seven sacred planets and describes using strategy in the face of power and oppression. The 7 of Swords describes deception, theft, and leveling the playing field. Success may be challenged but it’s within reach. Watch for betrayal from behind the scenes.

The 8 of Disks, titled Prudence, signifies legacy established through hard work, craftsmanship, skill, profit, harmony, as well as awareness of the greater good. Governed by the Sun in Virgo, Virgo stabilizes while the Sun’s active efforts manifest. Eight flowers are arranged in the pattern of Populus, a geomantic rune signifying unified effort or flow with others. The 8 of Disks suggests our legacy is worth fighting for as is our collective harmony with others.

I love the Queens in this deck. Although compassionate and focused, each one refuses to suffer fools, preferring a solitary existence to the nonsense of others. The Fiery presence of the Queen of Wands is both adaptable and persistent while she remains secure in her authority. She is firm but kind, generous, initiating relationships with others while taking no prisoners. The embodiment of female strength, our Queen may take offense and can be cruel, but typically, she defines the way forward.

The final week of December may require a different strategy should betrayal of some sort lie beneath the surface. Someone may be attempting to knock us off our game and prevent our progress or success. Employ the wisdom and intuition of the Queen to cut through illusion and deception and set firm boundaries with others.

Final Thoughts…

Aleister Crowley made a profound impact on the esoteric world and Hermetic thinking in particular and on the anniversary of his passing, we should all consider our own impact as well. While he was provocative in his delivery, his overall message really was not. We’re astral energy focused into form for a given amount of time to experience this collective creation of ours. We can overcome the ego or we can succumb to its self-reinforcing effect, but make no mistake, the power to do so remains firmly within our grasp.

Until next time…

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on December 2, 2019.



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