A poem of crystalline joy and loss

Joni Sensel
Nov 28, 2019 · 1 min read
Hair ice, beautiful, fragile, and rare. Photo courtesy of the author.

Hair ice:
A treasure
More rare than diamonds,
Crystalline raindrops
Crushed from dead wood.

Tendrils of ice,
Fragile as heartstrings—
Calling to be touched.
But they melt in a breath.

Look but don’t linger.
There’s no holding this joy.

The sun shifts,
The wheel turns—
They dissolve into nothing.
Like you, my beloved,
Melting out of my life.
Leaving behind
Only dead wood
And wonder:

Did that happen?
Phenomenon seems the right word.

Hair ice on a stick in the woods
Hair ice on a stick in the woods
Photo courtesy of the author

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Joni Sensel

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Exploring intuition, imagination, creativity, and other paths to the Divine. Writer, adventurer, creativity advocate.

Soul & Sea

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