Soul & Sea October

Prompts and Celebrations

Vaishali Paliwal
Oct 2, 2019 · 4 min read

Dear ones,

Thank you for another beautiful month at Soul & Sea. We are getting deeper with our meditations on poetry and divinity. Collection has been blooming with different range of topics and enquiries of soul and the higher consciousness.

For October we have some prompts suggested so that you can find some inspiration if there are any dry days. You are welcome to keep continuing to submit on other topics of your choice. We don't work with strict deadlines too so if you slip the week, you can still submit on previous weeks’ prompts.

Week of October 1: Evolution of Goddess

As we celebrate nine nights of celebrating the sacred feminine in many parts of the globe, this would be a good time of exploring how the sacred feminine evolves in ourselves and the outside world. What is this personal- spiritual and cosmic journey, how do we reach our sacred feminine, what are the experiences and the lessons. This is a topic for every human, not just women. There is a sacred feminine and a sacred masculine in all of us. Let us find it here again.(see prompt of week of oct 14)


Week of October 7: Line between good and evil

October 8th, we celebrate Dussehra that is the triumph of good over evil. With the current many negative challenges of our world, this would be a good time for us to reflect on what is this boundary between good and evil that can help us perhaps find solutions to dealing better with our day to day struggles. The prompt is open to all philosophical angles. So we ask you take it as you are flowing towards.

Week of October 14: Sacred Masculine

We will be using this week to explore our sacred masculine and celebrate it. There are traits of sacred masculine in each of us equally important as divine feminine traits, for our healthy spiritual experience in this incarnation. Please help us connect with our sacred masculine here.


Week of October 21: Fire of Commitment

Again prompt is open to any interpretation as you would like to take it. Here we are suggesting that by the time this month ends, we will be 60 or so days away from 2019 ending. That is still a long time to achieve our goals or start gearing for our 2020 by accomplishing some commitments to self already here in 2019. Let us share with each other how with our fire of commitment and dedication we will achieve more beautiful things before the year ends. Let us closely see our year so far and get ready for the strong remaining days of this very interesting year. This can be poetry, essay, or any other writing form as it pleases you.

Week of October 28: Día de Muertos Altar

We will be celebrating Day of the Dead and Halloween as month ends. Prompt is suggesting for us to remember our dead. The dead can be the loved ones we lost or any other deaths human beings endure constantly. Let us bring our altars out and place objects of memory, love and contemplation to remember our dead and hold gently the cycle of life and birth in these tender human hands. You are also welcome to submit stories and celebrations related to Halloween.


Every piece is magnificent so hard to tag all of them in this letter. Please do head over to the page and check out the wonderful work of our writers.

Special thanks to our regular contributors and September writers who kept Soul & Sea always lit up with their extraordinary soul dives. Shringi Kumari Lynne Nardizzi Kat of Magik Simon Heathcote Yamini MacLean Jan Erickson Jessi Roman K.L Meraki Beth Stormont Tantra Bensko Siva Raj Nadine Morsch Tulip writes from Massachusetts, USA. JL Myles Brian Relay D Abboh Elise Radha Chetna Laxhmi Justcallmejillybean G.R. MELVIN Johanna Naomi Riley Gordon Anne Shark Ashwini Dodani Priyanka Srivastava Laura Blu Sandía Anisesh Marie Prichard Matthew Klope Samantha Beach Valerie Gray Bridget Webber Abraham Muñoz Bravo Wendy Shugar Will Schmit Alyssa Mae Joni Sensel R. Joy Hall Ankita

Apologies if anyone was missed. You are in the heart of the publication here always.

Love and Light
Soul & Sea


Soul & Sea

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