The Mage

Lora Lucente
Dec 20, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

The Mage sits with piercing eyes,
Intuitive powers — frost, water, and the arcane,
To know as much as she,
is to know the necessity of silence.

Poise and perspicacious — this world was once where she thrived.
Too much time has changed the position of mountains,
Leaders that cut down villages of free-dance and foliage,
The fires spread rivers of orange and red.

Now it’s time again.
The quest has been taken.
The raids won’t cease until all tyrants have been slain,
The Earth — at the mercy of both sides,

But more importantly of those in the mid — a bubble of indifference.
Fighting with maces, daggers, and words,
Never advancing to take hold of the Keep,
Never moving on from the battle to complete the war.

The Mage sits in silence — strategic viewing is her best weapon.
Frost, water, and the arcane cannot move without a plan.
Getting ready to release the glacial assault,
A power that reduces and distracts.

Kiting the destroyers to the traps set by the Heroes,
But who are they . . . Hero or Destroyer?
As death rises, nature screams and sings,
The Mage wonders if she has been on the wrong side all this time?

Which side is Life?

I play World of Warcraft (by Blizzard Entertainment), with my main character being a frost mage. One night, my husband and I were queued for a battleground, and I began thinking more about my frost mage character. What is she thinking about right now? How does she view these endless battles that never resolve the war?

As I thought more about this frost mage, I realized her inner-struggles, questions, and self-awareness were mirroring some in my own waking life. Surely, I’m not magical (despite my childhood wish), and I’m not physically going into battle against other fantasy made-up characters. But, I realized giving my frost mage character an identity was in a way helping me to identify myself.

It was somewhat therapeutic! I needed a way to express turmoil and address how I’ve been feeling about some on-going issues, and the frost mage was able to empathize.

This may seem a bit silly — I’m a grown-ass adult still playing video games and lost in a fantasy land, but does anyone really grow out of needing a creative/emotional outlet? Does being an adult mean one’s life is to only be boring and unimaginative? Do adults have all the answers and need no fantastical daydream to help them resolve their problems — is this practice really only for youth?

I don’t think so, and I’m pretty sure the brilliant minds at Blizzard Entertainment would agree with me. So, thank you Blizzard and World of Warcraft for inspiring me through the ethereal gifts of The Mage.

What does this poem say to you? What (or who) does The Mage represent in your life?

© 2019 Lora Lucente. All Rights Reserved.

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Originally published at on December 20, 2019.

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