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Weekly Rune & Moon 8–14 December 2019

As a new week begins, let’s take a look at the upcoming influences. Puella is the overall significator suggesting a week where we experience increased happiness and success. As always, I’m looking at each day’s numerology, Elder Futhark rune, and Moon information derived from both traditional astrology and Human Design’s use of the I Ching. The runes appear below.

Sunday, 8 December

  • Numerology — 8 — practical matters, leadership, responsibility, Saturn, Libra, judicial power, intellect, universal harmony, Earth, regeneration
  • Day — Sunday is a day governed by the Sun reflecting success, joy, protection, power, confidence, and health
  • Rune — Thurisaz (3) — Fire, Thor’s Hammer, defense, new beginnings, protection, opposition, impulsive behavior, giants, chaos, weather magick
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 42 Line 6 Nurturing describes the instinct to nurture growth in others
  • Astro Moon Position — Taurus — persistent effort is favored today as is a practical approach. You may feel compelled to provide compassion or support to someone in need.

The Sun’s light fosters power, confidence, and success and when aligned with today’s eight numerology, past efforts may be paying off. The catalytic energy of Thurisaz suggests that a breakthrough possibly involving relationships with others could happen today. Nurturing and extending compassion to others is favored as is a practical approach but with an eye toward understanding the broader picture.

Monday, 9 December

  • Numerology — 9 — completion, endings, Mars, Scorpio, Theta, 9 Muses
  • Day — Monday is a day governed by the Moon and involves healing and intuition along with feminine magicks
  • Rune — Sowilo (16) — Fire, will, Spirit, energy, self-confidence, healing, Higher Self, illumination, link between Spirit and form, as above so below
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 24 LIne 1 The sin of omission describes reassessment of values and experience before understanding is achieved
  • Astro Moon position — Taurus — a focus on diligence and patience is favored with a time out to rest should demands become excessive

Healing is the theme for Monday as we invoke Spirit to re-balance and re-align. Sowilo provides the as above so below link between Spirit and form, enabling Higher Self vision. With that awareness, we achieve a greater understanding of what we should let go and what should remain, healing and transmuting those parts of self that no longer resonate in our lives.

Tuesday, 10 December

  • Numerology — 10/1 — new beginnings, wholeness, unity, self, intuitive knowledge, Monad, First Cause, Alpha, Sun, Leo
  • Day — Tuesday is governed by Mars and is filled with passion and energy
  • Rune — Perthro — Water, birth, womb, chance, well of Wyrd, childbirth, healing, understanding fate, cause/effect, synchronicity, cauldron, divination
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 23 Line 3 Individuality suggests independence that others may envy but doesn’t threaten relationships
  • Astro Moon position — Taurus until Gemini at 8:47 AM PST — when the Moon shifts into Gemini, our social nature takes over and we may enjoy sharing ideas with others today. Avoid fragmentation.

My husband turns 66 today. This is a day, not just for the birthday boy but for the rest of us as well, to manifest new beginnings and a sense of independence or individuality. However, Perthro also signals a profound awareness of synchronicity and fate in our lives. Pay attention to any messages that come and allow for a new direction to manifest.

Wednesday, 11 December

  • Numerology — 11 — Master number — illumination, awakening
  • Day — Wednesday is governed by Mercury and involves communication, reason, and intellectual expression
  • Rune — Ansuz (4) — Air, Odin’s rune, divine message, Spirit communication, eloquence, creation, Higher Self, divinity, clarity
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 20 Line 5 Realism describes focus and awareness that create results
  • Astro Moon position — Gemini — we may experience fragmented or scattered thinking or energy today and nervous tension may result. Avoid superficial conversations.

The breakthrough experienced on Sunday filters again into today’s message from Spirit as Ansuz energizes our interactions with others. We’re guided by a higher purpose expressed by the day’s 11 numerology, the Master number for illumination striking the balance between ego’s realism and Higher Self vision. Remaining in that higher frequency should bring calm and balance to the day.

Thursday, 12 December

  • Numerology — 12/3 — catalyst, triple aspects, mind/body/spirit, triad, gamma, Hecate, triangle, Norns, Aum, Jupiter, Capricorn
  • Day — Thursday is governed by Jupiter and involves expansion and benevolence
  • Rune — Nauthiz (10) — Fire, Norn rune of the future (Skuld), friction within, inner fire, goals, protection, overcoming restriction, binding, positive change, need
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 35 Line 6 Rectification describes the ability to correct errors and change course
  • Astro Moon position — Gemini until Cancer at 3:23 PM PST — we may feel like retreating as Gemini’s flighty energy transitions into emotional Cancer. In fact, it may be best over the next several days to focus on solitary activities.

With Moon energies split between social Gemini and emotional Cancer today, it might be best to remain reserved through that transition. Jupiter’s expansive energies are in effect but instead of using that to socialize with others, we may be advised to sit this one out, taking stock of what’s transpired over the week to evaluate where we go from here. Although we may have embarked on a new path, it’s always a work in progress, so don’t be afraid to alter or even change course.

Friday, 13 December

  • Numerology — 13/4 — foundation, structure, sensation, materialism, tetrad, Delta, divinity, masculine, robust, Mercury, Urania, justice, elements, seasons, Sun, Sagittarius
  • Day — Friday is governed by Venus and involves love, balance, and harmony
  • Rune — Uruz (2) — Water, primal forming essence, health, endurance, healing, strength, aurochs, energy shaping matter
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 15 Line 3 Ego inflation describes the use of ego to find balance with an emphasis on modesty as the form of inflation
  • Astro Moon position — Cancer — large groups may disturb Cancer’s sensitive emotional state so avoid larger stores where energies may be too intrusive. Again, a solitary focus may be advised.

I was born on October 13th, but it fell on a Sunday that year, so I wasn’t lucky enough to be a witch born on Friday the 13th. However, as those of you who follow my Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune series on YouTube know, the number thirteen comes up all the time in my life in odd ways.

But that synchronicity aside, we can either reduce 13 to 4 and consider this a day to explore issues of structure and foundation, or we can leave it alone and view 13 as a Master Witch number and feel its magickal energy resonate. Either way, with the Moon in Cancer influencing, it may be a day we seek respite from the rising storm. Uruz provides the underlying energy to heal perception and past wounding, so allow yourself time today to rebalance emotions and align in Spirit.

Saturday, 14 December

  • Numerology — 14/5 — change, Quintessence, feminine, justice, pentagram, protection, Mercury, Cancer
  • Day — Saturday is governed by Saturn and involves binding, slowing, and resistance
  • Rune — Fehu (1) — Fire, wealth, abundance, cattle, life force, sending energy for magickal workings, growth, success
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 39 Line 5 Single-mindedness involves moving around obstacles as if they don’t exist
  • Astro Moon position — Cancer until Leo at 7:57 PM PST — our energy and focus are split between seclusion and time spent in the company of others as sensitive Cancer travels into lively Leo later in the evening.

Obstacles in our path today? Not a problem, especially given Fehu’s magickal influence as well as the Moon’s transit into the I Ching position of Singlemindedness. Saturn’s natural resistance also assists us in remaining unaffected by distractions or interference from external influences.

Use the time left while Cancer is still influencing to bring awareness to a still point in preparation for Leo’s energetic effect. Allow perception to fold into truth, allowing both emotions and thoughts to find healing.

Overall Thoughts

This week looks like one where we take a new path, but not without reevaluating where we’ve been. Although unsettled emotions might factor in toward the end of the week, a single-minded focus allows us to move around any perceived woundings that have perhaps held us back from letting go of that which no longer serves. Stay aligned in Source Vision and the future will take care of itself.

Until next time…

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on December 7, 2019.



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