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Weekly Rune & Moon for 17–23 November 2019

As a new week begins, let’s take a look at the upcoming influences. Cauda Draconis is the overall significator suggesting a week where a sense of completion is experienced. As always, I’m looking at each day’s numerology, Elder Futhark rune, and Moon information derived from both traditional astrology and Human Design’s use of the I Ching. The runes appear below.

Before looking at each day, I need to explain how I view the energy of Cauda Draconis and other so-called evil geomancy influences. Ancient geomancers regarded this rune along with Carcer and Rubeus as wholly evil influences and should they be drawn first in a reading, the geomancer is to end the divination and destroy everything used. A Fire element rune of both Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, one can easily understand their concern; however, I don’t share their viewpoint.

Geomancy can be viewed as the energetic representation of polarity, or two halves of one whole. Although there are sixteen geomancy runes, in actuality, there are only eight with the others derived as the complement. So, Laetitia (joy) is the complement of Tristitia (sorrow), Fortuna Major (greater fortune) is the complement of Fortuna Minor (lesser fortune), and so forth. Each rune in its entirety tells a particular story that is incomplete without its complement.

So, instead of destroying the reading, I would prefer to allow for the energy of completion this week, of letting go of that which no longer serves us in preparation for a greater sense of purpose perhaps. But let’s look at each day and then consider how Cauda Draconis, our significator, influences throughout the week.

Sunday, 17 November

  • Numerology — 17/8 — practical matters, leadership, responsibility, judicial power, Saturn, Libra, intellect, universal harmony, justice, Earth, regeneration
  • Day — Sunday is a day governed by the Sun reflecting success, joy, protection, power, confidence, and health
  • Rune — Berkano (18) — Earth element, nine numerology (completion), fertility, birth, family, protection, bringing to fruition, birch tree, healing, growth
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 53 Line 3 Practicality describes avoidance of conflict to maintain steady progress
  • Astro Moon Position — sensitive Cancer until it moves into Leo at 1:57 PM PST suggesting a split energy day with the need to retreat in the morning giving way to the need to be noticed in the afternoon and evening

Sunday has us seeking regeneration in the morning that allows us to shine later on in the afternoon. Chiron in the 4th House suggests childhood wounding may be in play during the morning. Retreat if necessary to seek inner healing and balance and avoid conflict early in the day to pave the way for a happier experience later.

Monday, 18 November

  • Numerology — 18/9 — completion, Theta, endings, Mars, Scorpio
  • Day — Monday is a day governed by the Moon and involves healing and intuition along with feminine magicks
  • Rune — Fehu (1) — Fire element, one numerology (wholeness, unity), cattle, moveable wealth, sending energy, abundance, life force, growth, success
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 56 Line 6 Caution indicates the choice to follow through with commitments and being true to one’s word.
  • Astro Moon position — Leo suggesting a day where open self-expression is favored

Cauda Draconis may support the day’s nine numerology and the feeling that something may be coming to completion today paving the way for something new to begin, a new perspective or perhaps a new project. Be sure, however, to follow through on prior commitments. Allow Leo’s generous light to shine and be true to your word.

Tuesday, 19 November

  • Numerology — 19/1 — new beginnings, wholeness, unity, self, intuitive knowledge, Monad, First Cause, Alpha, Sun, Leo
  • Day — Tuesday is governed by Mars and is filled with passion and energy
  • Rune — Isa (11) — Water element, Master number 11 energy (illumination), Norn (Verdandi) rune of the present moment, ice, becoming, stillness, will development, contraction, focus, consciousness, freezing unwanted behavior or situations
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 7 Line 2 The Democrat signals leadership that preserves majority rule
  • Astro Moon position — lively Leo until the Moon moves into detail-oriented Virgo at 5:55 PM PST. After an energetic day, the evening is spent focusing on responsibilities and routine.

Isa’s eleven energy provides the underlying focus for today with its soul-level message of illumination. As a Norn rune representing the stillness within and a focus on the present moment, Isa is asking us to align in Source Presence and achieve a higher level of clarity. Isa’s presence may also indicate that an aligned focus is needed today, especially if new information becomes available and passions are high. The Moon square Mars today reinforces this and counsels patience and respect for the views of others.

Wednesday, 20 November

  • Numerology — 20/2 — duality, polarity, balance, reason, causation, Dyad, Beta, Moon, Aquarius
  • Day — Wednesday is governed by Mercury and involves communication, reason, and intellectual expression
  • Rune — Sowilo (16) — Fire element, seven numerology (magick/balance), will, Spirit, energy, self-confidence, healing, Higher Self, illumination, the link between Spirit and form
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 29 Line 5 Overreach suggests we may get ahead of ourselves today. Set boundaries and don’t be afraid to say no. Avoid overreaching.
  • Astro Moon position — detailed-oriented Virgo favors routine and a fastidious approach. Avoid judgment as well as junk food.

Sowilo continues our soul-focus today with its own as above so below energy reinforcing polarity and balance offered by the day’s two numerology. An opposition between Mars and Uranus suggests a little too much resonance with conflict, so with self-confidence high today we should avoid any overreach which could interfere with a positive outcome. Virgo’s focus on details and routine may assist in containing Sowilo’s fiery influence.

Thursday, 21 November

  • Numerology — 21/3 — catalyst, triple aspects, mind/body/spirit, past/present/future, Gamma, the middle, Hecate, triangle, Norns, Jupiter, Capricorn
  • Day — Thursday is governed by Jupiter and involves expansion and benevolence
  • Rune — Thurisaz (3) — Fire element, three numerology (aligns with today’s numerology), Thor’s Hammer, defense, new beginnings, protection, opposition, impulsive behavior, giants, chaos, weather magick
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 64 Line 2 Qualification describes the confusion that results from rationalization and obfuscation
  • Astro Moon position — detailed-oriented Virgo for most of the day until it moves into balanced Libra at 8:20 PM PST.

With the three synchronicity between the day’s numerology and the rune Thurisaz it’s tempting to suggest we have a convergence or clash between Hecate and Thor today. Although the Moon in Virgo suggests a focus on details, it also involves pettiness and judgment. Will we rationalize our experiences today and have much to balance in the evening when the Moon feels Libra’s effect? And which of the higher beings will influence our choice? Both Hecate and Thor favor truth and justice and the necessity to control the primal within and we would fare well to do the same.

Friday, 22 November

  • Numerology — 22 — Master number for the Cosmic Builder, soul-level manifestation
  • Day — Friday is governed by Venus and involves love, balance, and harmony
  • Rune — Eihwaz (13) — Air/Fire elements, connection between opposites, as above so below, link between realms, trance work, protection
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 6 Line 6 The Peacemaker indicates the willingness to bring an end to conflict allowing those in the lesser position to retain dignity
  • Astro Moon position — balanced Libra favoring positive interactions with others; partnerships of all kinds are favored. Avoid indecision.

We have a 22 numerology today, the Cosmic Builder, a Master number signaling Creator-level manifestation. Aligned with that Creator energy is Eihwaz, the link between Spirit and physical form, providing the route the cosmic manifestation energy travels. And under the guiding presence of the Moon in Libra, an additional soul-influenced experience involving the I Ching concept of the peacemaker suggests that a higher level of understanding allows for the dignity of all. All of this on Friday, a day for balance, harmony, and love. What will we co-create with others today?

Saturday, 23 November

  • Numerology — 23/5 — change, fulfillment, pentagram, safety, Quintessence, feminine, justice, protection, Mercury, Cancer
  • Day — Saturday is governed by Saturn and involves binding, slowing, and resistance
  • Rune — Uruz (2) — Water element, forming essence, health, endurance, healing, strength, aurochs, energetic force behind the shaping of matter
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 48 Line 3 Incommunicado signals the underlying values we hold are maintained within; an inner focus
  • Astro Moon position — balanced and social Libra for most of the day until the Moon travels into focused and secretive Scorpio at 9:59 PM PST when emotions may become unstable.

Uruz watery effect aligns with Saturday’s five numerology of change achieving synchronicity from Friday’s Cosmic Builder energy as well. Perhaps what we began yesterday is finding its fulfillment today. Although we may feel like socializing with others today, Saturn’s square aspect with the Moon, although fairly weak, may foster the need to take an inner focus, particularly during the Moon’s transition between Libra and Scorpio when emotions may become somewhat unstable. Seek a still point and find clarity there.

Overall Thoughts

Higher Self provides a strong influence throughout the week. In fact, there are so many examples of this, I’m going to list them for easier viewing.

  • Two Master Number influences (11 and 22)
  • Uruz and its primal nature
  • Isa — Norn rune, 11 energy (illumination)
  • Sowilo — Higher Self rune
  • Two 3’s on the same day invoking both Hecate and Thor, could also view both three’s as 33 (Master Number for Christ Consciousness)
  • Eihwaz (as above so below rune) and 22 (Cosmic Builder) along with the higher-level perception of the peacemaker

The energy of Cauda Draconis, our geomancy significator for the week, suggests that we let go of issues from the past so that healing and transformation can take place. And we can see from the above list that an abundance of Higher Self support exists to help in that endeavor.

Until next time…

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on November 17, 2019.



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