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Weekly Rune & Moon for 22–28 Dec 2019

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As a new week begins, let’s take a look at the upcoming influences. Puer is the overall significator suggesting a week where we may experience some unstable energy or impulsivity. As always, I’m looking at each day’s numerology, Elder Futhark rune, and Moon information derived from both traditional astrology and Human Design’s use of the I Ching. The runes appear below.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

  • Numerology — 22 — Master Number — Cosmic builder
  • Day — Sunday is a day governed by the Sun reflecting success, joy, protection, power, confidence, and health
  • Rune — Isa (11) — Water, Norn rune of the present, ice, becoming, stillness, will development, contraction, focus, consciousness, freezing unwanted behavior or situations
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 28 Line 5 Treachery indicates the ability to foster conflict between others with an indifference to the outcome
  • Astro Moon Position — Scorpio — intense emotions, dramatic under stress.

Any time we have a Master Number influencing, special cosmic energy is in play. This is particularly true today with the presence of 22, or the Cosmic Builder, which is considered the most powerful number in numerology. But if that’s not all, we also have an 11 influence with Isa, the eleventh rune from the Elder Futhark. So, not only cosmic manifestation but illumination as well.

Sunday is a day to choose what we will build today. If we fall under the Moon’s influence, then we’re looking at alignment between both the astrology and Human Design charts and the treacherous influence of Scorpio on our emotions.

If we fall victim to our impulse for drama, suggested as well by Puer, our significator for the week, we’ll perhaps build something unintended. But if we pay close attention to our feelings today, the presence of both the 22 and 11 signal a better outcome. Again, it’s where we place our focus.

Monday, 23 December

  • Numerology — 23/5 — change, Quintessence, Mercury, cancer, feminine, solids, justice, pentagram, Seal of Solomon, protection from evil, safety
  • Day — Monday is a day governed by the Moon and involves healing and intuition along with feminine magicks
  • Rune — Uruz (2) — Water, primal forming essence, health, endurance, healing, strength, aurochs, energy shaping matter
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 43 Line 2 Dedication describes an opportunity-based focus
  • Astro Moon position — Sagittarius at 8:35 AM PST — the emotional need for independence or travel.

Opportunity may come knocking today so be prepared for anything! We may choose to travel or to begin a new project but today is a day for new beginnings and paying attention to intuition. There may be something important that you don’t want to miss!

Tuesday, 24 December

  • Numerology — 24/6 — Higher Self, Venus, harmony, balance, perfection, Taurus, benevolence, Thalia, peace, health, truth, perfection of parts, marriage, rebirth, Merkaba
  • Day — Tuesday is governed by Mars and is filled with passion and energy
  • Rune — Eihwaz (13) — Air/Fire, connection between opposites, as above so below, link between realms, trance work, protection
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 34 Line 5 Annihilation suggests frustration with releasing one’s power or control
  • Astro Moon position — Sagittarius — the emotional need for independence or travel.

If it’s one thing that Sagittarius doesn’t like, it’s releasing their stranglehold over control. So, we may experience some inner conflict today over doing just that. Sagittarius’s need for independence also involves their own sovereignty and they don’t necessarily enjoy sharing that with others.

With Mars influencing today as well, our fiery, passionate side may emerge and caution must be taken lest any problems surrounding impulse control arise. Remember that Puer is influencing overall this week suggesting the same. However, a six numerology should assist with its emphasis on harmony and Higher Self influence.

Wednesday, 25 December

  • Numerology — 25/7 — magick, original creation, balance between dark/light, Moon, Aries, divine, Minerva, seven octaves, 7 Rays, 7 planets, Pleiades, stages of life, septenate universe, union between Spirit and form
  • Day — Wednesday is governed by Mercury and involves communication, reason, and intellectual expression
  • Rune — Berkano — Earth, fertility, birth, family, protection, new beginnings, healing, growth, projects to fruition, birch tree
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 26 Line 1 A Bird in the Hand describes dreams that may portend opportunity
  • Astro Moon position — Sagittarius until Capricorn at 1:46 PM PST — adventure and independence gives way to structure and routine when the Moon moves into Capricorn in the afternoon

We have a split energy day today with independent Sagittarius giving way to structure and routine-oriented Capricorn in the early afternoon suggesting that opportunities taken will find their focus or structure today. Wednesday’s primary energy is Mercurial and focuses on reason and intellect, likely assisting more directly in the afternoon.

Berkano fosters new beginnings, another supportive influence that assists us with our new endeavor while the seven energy of the day brings balance.

Thursday, 26 December

  • Numerology — 26/8 — practical matters, leadership, responsibility, Saturn, Libra, judicial power, intellect, universal harmony, cube, justice, regeneration
  • Day — Thursday is governed by Jupiter and involves expansion and benevolence
  • Rune — Othala (24) — Earth, sacred space, ancestral heritage, Akash, protection, prosperity, balance, loyalty, tradition, security, peace, inheritance, possessions
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 10 Line 4 The Opportunist describes an understanding of and ability to take advantage of opportunities
  • Astro Moon position — Capricorn — structure and routine-oriented, can be aloof

It may be that opportunities pursued earlier in the week are taking a leadership focus, or at least one where decisions must be made. Othala’s presence appears to suggest a focus on security, so there may be other factors to consider.

The nice thing about opportunities is that they’re just that. Opportunities. They’re not necessarily carved in stone and can be tailored to meet not only our own needs but those of others who may depend upon us. In other words, if the opportunity doesn’t serve the greater good (think family here) then now is the time to reassess and make it work for others as well.

Friday, 27 December

  • Numerology — 27/9 — endings, completion, Mars, Scorpio, Theta, Ennead, 9 Muses
  • Day — Friday is governed by Venus and involves love, balance, and harmony
  • Rune — Tiwaz (17) — Air, spiritual warrior, faith, justice, idealistic male, oaths, self-discipline, Tyr, legal matters, sacrifice
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 38 Line 6 Misunderstanding suggests opposition that has no basis in fact
  • Astro Moon position — Capricorn until Aquarius at 9:21 PM PST — routine-oriented until individualistic Aquarius where we seek knowledge and interactions with like-minded people.

It can be difficult striking a balance between structure and idealism. But in this case, the idealism found with the Moon in Aquarius is more idea-oriented than emotion-based. In fact, both Capricorn and Aquarius aren’t necessarily comfortable in the emotional realm. But the pull to the extreme is there nevertheless, introvert versus extrovert.

It’s unclear where the misunderstanding suggested by the Human Design chart begins unless it’s during the transition between Capricorn and Aquarius in the evening where our focus is changing. We may be struggling with reassessing our new direction, particularly if we’re disappointed by the need to scale back our approach. In any event, take a dispassionate approach today and avoid jumping to any conclusions.

Saturday, 28 December

  • Numerology — 28/1 — Sun, Leo, new beginnings, wholeness, unity, self, intuitive knowledge, Monad, First Cause, Alpha
  • Day — Saturday is governed by Saturn and involves binding, slowing, and resistance
  • Rune — Perthro (14) — Water, birth, womb, chance, well of Wyrd, childbirth, healing, understanding fate, cause/effect, synchronicity, cauldron, divination
  • Human Design (I Ching) Moon position — Gate 60 Line 1 Acceptance suggests acceptance of what is.
  • Astro Moon position — Aquarius — we continue to seek higher knowledge and interactions with like-minded people.

Our excitement over a new opportunity earlier in the week may have been tempered by responsibility toward something greater, family or others who depend upon us. And today we may still be dealing with a misunderstanding regarding the needs of others. But understand that any direction taken may impact others and for it to be successful, their concerns must also be considered.

No matter what we do, no matter the direction taken, we impact others by our choice. Looking only at the outcome we miss the true opportunity that shared purpose provides. So, take time today to be certain of your path and how much it uplifts you and others.

Overall Thoughts

Although this is a week suggesting opportunity and new beginnings, it’s clear that we cannot allow our exuberance to prevent clarity and vision. It’s all well and good to embark upon a new job that you find stimulating and exciting, but if it doesn’t pay the bills, both you and your family will suffer. If you own the company, and you change your focus to something that doesn’t keep the doors open, employees will be out of a job.

So, temper your inner focus with an outer recognition of the impact and tailor your new opportunity so that it actually remains just that. An opportunity.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on December 22, 2019.



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