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Weekly Rune & Moon for 22–28 September 2019 — Stepping Aside

It’s time again to look at the weekly rune and Moon information for the coming week. As always, I’m using an overall significator from geomancy to give the primary influence for the week as well as one rune for each day from the Elder Futhark. The daily Moon position information will come from both an astrological transit chart and a Human Design Bodygram which blends astrological positions with the I Ching.


Fortuna Minor is the significator for this week’s reading with active energies comprising Fire and Air and passive energies representing Water and Earth. Lesser fortune is its interpretation and would indicate a minor level of success this week. But we’ll look next at each day to see how this notion factors in with the rest of the information.

Sunday, 22 September

  • Numerology — 22 — Cosmic Builder (Master Number) — manifestation
  • Day — Sunday is a day governed by the Sun reflecting success, joy, protection, power, confidence, and health
  • Rune — Raidho (5) — soul journey, partnership, rhythmic motion, harmonious movement, integration, justice, cycles
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 12 Line 6 Metamorphosis describing a social or societal level of movement or faith-based change
  • Astro Moon Position — Cancer indicating increased emotions and the need for seclusion.

This may be a day for inner manifestation instead of socializing with others. So, for at least some of us, whatever metamorphosis we experience may reflect an inner journey. Otherwise, we may begin to see movement regarding change on a social or societal level. Given the 22 energy of the day, this change could signal something profound on the horizon.

Monday, 23 September

  • Numerology — 23/5 — change, fulfillment, protection, pentagram energies, Quintessence, Mercury, safety
  • Day — Monday is a day governed by the Moon and involves healing and intuition along with feminine magicks
  • Rune — Uruz — manifestation, primal forming essence, healing, strength, aurochs, energy shaping matter
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 39 Line 2 Confrontation describing instinctual energy to confront or provoke through direct confrontation
  • Astro Moon position — still in emotional Cancer but Void-of-Course begins at 3:05 PM PDT until 2:18 AM PDT the following day.

Although we may begin a transition away from feeling emotional in the afternoon when the Moon in Cancer enters its Void-of-Course, until that time we may still experience the need for seclusion. Make use of Monday’s healing energies to bring emotions back into balance before lively Leo’s influence begins on Tuesday. This is where the powerful energy of Uruz may be of influence in creating a stronger sense of self and balance. Avoid any confrontation, however, until later in the day or tomorrow. We may instinctually rise to the challenge but not have the energy to follow through until Cancer’s influence begins to wane a bit.

Tuesday, 24 September

  • Numerology — 24/6 — Higher Self, harmony, balance, perfection, Venus, Taurus, peace, health, truth, marriage, rebirth, Merkaba
  • Day — Tuesday is governed by Mars and is filled with passion and energy
  • Rune — Hagalaz (9) — witch rune, destruction within boundaries, hail, Norn (Urdh) rune of the past, celestial ice egg, protection, luck, trance work
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 62 Line 5 Metamorphosis describes another type of transformation involving the gathering of details. When clarity is achieved by all, action will necessarily follow
  • Astro Moon position — Cancer/Void-of-Course until 2:19 AM PDT when Leo takes over. We may wish to stand out at this point, leaving emotional Cancer behind. It’s time to express yourself!

Now that our emotional state is more in balance, we’re ready to take on the world today with passion and energy that may have been lacking over the last few days. We experience a different sort of metamorphosis as well in which we may be ready to involve ourselves in the societal change mentioned on Sunday. It appears that new information may arise stemming from investigative work that provides some clarity and movement. Remain observant so that you don’t miss anything today.

Wednesday, 25 September

  • Numerology — 25/7 — balance, divinity, dark/light, polarity, scales, justice, magick, creation, septenate universe, union between Spirit and form
  • Day — Wednesday is governed by Mercury and involves communication, reason, and intellectual expression
  • Rune — Wunjo (8) — joy, fellowship, harmony, success, happiness
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 33 Line 2 Surrender indicates a willingness to surrender to a greater understanding or force that assures future success
  • Astro Moon position — still in active Leo with Void-of-Course beginning at 9:13 AM PDT until the Moon moves into practical Virgo at 3:37 AM on Thursday.

When the Moon moves into its Void-of-Course phase it’s said that nothing really happens or finds it’s fruition. However, I view it also as a time of transition from one set of energies to another. And, it looks like Leo’s Void-of-Course may be expressing itself with our willingness to surrender to the greater good today. It also feels like we’ve been building toward a movement greater than ourselves this week while we observe intently as details emerge and decisions are finalized regarding the direction we take going forward. This may be of a personal nature, but it feels more societal, particularly with more coming out about election obstruction. Again, pay close attention as more details come forth.

Thursday, 26 September

  • Numerology — 26/8 — practical matters, leadership, responsibility, Saturn, Libra, judicial power, intellect, universal harmony, regeneration
  • Day — Thursday is governed by Jupiter and involves expansion and benevolence
  • Rune — Thurisaz (2) — Thor’s Hammer, breaking through obstacles, defense, new beginnings, opposition, giants, chaos, weather magicks, impulsive behavior
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 39 Line 6 The Troubleshooter describes an instinctual ability for problem-solving
  • Astro Moon position — In Leo’s Void-of-Course until the Moon transits into practical and health-conscious Virgo at 3:37 AM PDT.

Whether the momentum toward metamorphosis described on both Sunday and Tuesday involves inner transformation or one that is social or societal-based, with Thurisaz, it appears that we’re making progress on that front today. Virgo’s meticulous focus on details and Jupiter’s expansive energies provide the foundation for practical solutions to the current situation at hand. We may see progress made today.

Friday, 27 September

  • Numerology — 27/9 — completion, endings, Mars, Scorpio
  • Day — Friday is governed by Venus and involves love, balance, and harmony
  • Rune — Gebo (7) — balanced energy exchange, marriage, partnership, gift, reciprocity
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 40 Line 3 Humility describing the choice to surrender in lieu of arrogant expression
  • Astro Moon position — still in practical and meticulous Virgo but Void-of-Course begins later in the evening at 8:57 PM PDT followed by the Moon’s transit into balanced Libra early on Saturday morning.

If details which continued to emerge over the week have been challenging or unsettling to face, we may find any remaining concerns resolved today. It’s possible to come together with others today with Gebo’s energy of balanced energy exchange and commit to a new way forward. A new awareness is possible now and we need to allow that to replace that which no longer serves.

Saturday, 28 September

  • Numerology — 28/10/1 — new beginnings, unity, wholeness, Sun, Leo, intuitive knowledge, self, First Cause
  • Day — Saturday is governed by Saturn and involves binding, slowing, and resistance
  • Rune — Dagaz (23) — a new day, dawn, endings and beginnings, conclusion, daylight, awakening, all doors open, all options available
  • Human Design Moon position — Gate 6 Line 2 The Guerilla involves the use of a less advantageous position to move into a better one through withdrawal
  • Astro Moon position — balanced, and justice-oriented Libra at 3:03 AM PDT

Partnerships take a new focus today as the clarity gained over the last week takes hold. Resistance found with Saturn’s influence may be providing the genesis for our new partnership as it slows things down a bit, allowing for new information to settle into shared truth.

I’m encouraged with the presence of Dagaz, the rune of awakening and transition, at the end of the week. We appear to have gained some clarity over the week and now we’re ready to commit to a unified understanding with others over how to proceed.

Again, a reading such as this one can surround issues of a more personal nature and this one may indeed resonate that way for those reading it. But I have a feeling that it’s more than that given the political issues that have come out surrounding allegations of election obstruction by the current occupant of the White House. This is nothing new, but this time, we’re witnessing it with eyes open in real-time.

The reading appears to indicate the unfolding of information gained over the week and its natural result, a coming together in shared purpose to stop something criminal and profound. It’s a step only, however, possibly reflecting the aforementioned minor success indicted by Fortuna Minor, our significator for the week. Even so, this week will be a welcome change from the chaotic and stressful time we’ve been having over the last two and one-half years of this grifting nightmare.

We may be at the beginning of the end, so to speak. And that’s a good thing.

Until next time…

Blessings to all!


  1. Erickson, Jan. Witch Notes. Kindle. 2019.

Originally published at on September 22, 2019.



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