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Healing Coronavirus Anxiety Through Coherence

People have been affected by the Coronavirus, directly and indirectly, both. My heart goes out to the people who have been directly affected, the victims and their families. To the people who have been indirectly affected, especially those who have developed fear, stress, anxiety, or depression due to the pandemic, the quarantine, and the shutdown, the technique I am going to present in this article can be of great help!

Fear attracts disease. It is a known fact that when we are fearful, we release stress hormones in our body like adrenaline and cortisol, which reduce the immunity of our body and affect the proper functioning of our organs. On the other hand, if we feel happy and whole, our body releases happiness hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which increase the immunity of our body and ensure the proper functioning of all the organs. And I am sure that we all want our immunity to increase during such times, and that is why it is crucial to stay in a state of happiness, love, and wholeness.

That being said, I know that most of us try our best to keep a healthy mindset. We try to bring positive thoughts to our mind, we meditate, we practice gratitude, we pray, we do affirmations, visualizations, and so on. However, there is this most critical question that many of us tend to ignore, and that is, how do we feel?

If we think about good health but don’t feel healthy in our body, then we are in a state of contradiction. I have seen people talking about good health, but feeling anxious in their body, literally shivering out of fear. Their mind and body are telling separate stories. So when you say that “I am healthy,” but you don’t feel healthy, then your body would say to you, “no, you’re not!” Even though you are saying it, your body is still in fear. It is still releasing those stress hormones.

So what is the solution then? How do we think healthy and, at the same time, feel healthy? I propose a concept called Coherence. The phenomenon of Coherence was popularised by the Institute of HeartMath, and it is a state of being when your brain and heart are in alignment by emitting the same kind of frequencies. Your brain is responsible for generating thoughts, and your heart is responsible for generating emotions. When your thoughts have the same frequency as your emotions, your brain and heart get synchronized, and you reach the state of heart-brain Coherence.

So in our case, where we want to manifest good health, you think of good health, and along with that, you activate the energy of your heart also to feel healthy. Then you will reach a state of Coherence, which will result in generating happiness hormones in your body and increasing the levels of your immunity.

To reach the state of Coherence, I present to you a 6-step process that you can follow:

Step 1: Declaration

The first step is to use your brain to generate that thought and declare that you have good health. A declaration is always made in the present tense, to affirm that you are already healthy. You can use the following simple affirmation and say it out loud at least three times: “I have great health!”

Step 2: Heart Activation

Place one of your hands at the center of your chest and stimulate your heart by the sense of touch. For this, caress your heart by moving your hand in a clockwise circular motion about ten times around the center of your chest

Step 3: Elevating Emotions

Now place and rest both of your hands at the center of your chest, and think of someone whom you love deeply. Or think of some situation in the past that made you really happy. Feel that emotion of love and happiness in your heart, as if it is radiating that loving energy! And then feel those emotions of love and joy in your entire body, as if your whole body is filled with and radiating loving energy.

Step 4: Visualisation

Now imagine and visualize a situation in the future when you will be in the pink of health! See yourself as healthy and happy. See yourself smiling. See yourself radiating health, as if your body is emitting healing white light.

Step 5: Feeling Healthy

As you continue your visualization, start feeling that excellent health and happiness in your body. Feel as if your body is flooding with hormones of happiness. Feel as if you are filled with healing light. Feel the muscles in your body strengthening, your body becoming upright, feel that smile forming on your face, and feel surrounded and protected by healing light.

Step 6: Gratitude

And now be thankful for the fantastic health that you have. You can say something like, “I thank you, Universe, for giving me great health now and in the future, and thank you for forming a layer of protection around me.”

Once you reach the state of Coherence, and if you maintain this state every day, I am quite sure that you will navigate your way through these tough times quite easily and happily. So I hope that you found value in this article. I wish you great health! Take care.



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