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Importance Of Non-Attachment In Manifestation

“The Root Of Suffering Is Attachment.” This quote by Buddha is one of the most powerful statements made in the history of Mankind. It holds the key to living a life of happiness, peace, and abundance. Although many of us understand this statement intellectually, only a few of us can implement it on a day to day basis. Even fewer understand its application in the process of Manifestation. In this article, I will discuss why Non-attachment is the key to effective Manifestation.

Attachment To Outcomes

“Law Of Attraction” is a ubiquitous phrase used in the literature on Manifestation, especially since the 1970s. Many authors, teachers, and influencers have explained the process of attracting our desired outcomes. However, there are very few of them who have addressed the problem of getting attached to the result and how it renders the process of Manifestation ineffective.

While doing Manifestation-based practices like Visualisation, Affirmations, Journalling & Meditation, it is common for someone to fall into the trap of getting attached to the outcome. When we try to Manifest wealth, success, relationships, etc. into our lives, and when these don’t manifest for some time, we tend to get impatient and restless, and that is precisely when we start destroying our own process of Manifestation. This impatience that we develop creates a sense of lack in us. We start thinking that either we don’t know how to manifest, or we have set our goals too high, or the idea of Manifestation itself is flawed.

Our attachment to the outcome here can be recognized by the fact that we want the result to be manifested in a certain way within a specified period. And when it doesn’t get manifested, we set in motion a series of negative thoughts and doubts in our minds. This negativity is what destroys the process of Manifestation. In most cases, instead of Manifesting what we desire, we end up manifesting the opposite.

So What To Do?

The questions that arise are: How do I manifest without having expectations? For how long should I think about the outcome?

My curiosity to understand that how can I practice Manifestation with Non-Attachment led me on a quest during which I read whatever I can on Manifestation. This study went on for several years, and finally, I came up with a Manifestation model, which I found to be really effective! To say that this is my model will be absolutely wrong. I am going to present a gist of the ideas of many great spiritual mystics, some of which include Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra & Neale Donald Walsch. Here’s a 4-step model of Manifestation without Attachment:

The 4-Step Model Of Manifestation Without Attachment

The 4 steps are:

  1. Intention
  2. Surrender
  3. Wholeness
  4. Flow

Step 1: Intention

Many of us overlook the value of Intention, but this is actually one of the most crucial aspects of Manifestation. Although setting an intention might seem to be the most natural part, most of us do it in a way that makes it really difficult for the outcome to manifest. By making statements like “I want this” or “I desire that,” we already separate ourselves from the outcome. By wanting a particular thing or outcome, we feel that the outcome is external to us and that it will require effort to bring that outcome to us.

But what if the outcome, or the thing that we desire, is within us? Another vital aspect of Manifestation is to consider oneself whole and complete. I will expand on that later, but for now, we need to understand that we are beings who have infinite potential within us. We have access to the entire Universe that lies within each of us, the field of endless possibilities, and unlimited probabilities. We have to simply tap into the potential outcome that we desire to manifest. Rather than saying, “I want that,” you say, “I AM that”!

It’s not about what you get, it’s about who you become. Instead of saying, “I want abundance,” you say, “I AM abundant!”. Or, instead of saying, “I want love,” you say, “I AM love!” Say it with full conviction, because the stronger your Intention is, the higher the chances of the desired outcome to be manifested.

Step 2: Surrender

The word ‘Surrender’ can have 2 connotations here. One is negative, which indicates defeat. It is not that Surrender that I am talking about here. Many people think that surrendering to the Universe has to do with giving up everything and losing hope in the outcome. This comes from a war mentality where the losing side accepts defeat. What I am talking about is the positive connotation of Surrender, which involves trust.

After setting a firm intention, the next step is to surrender the responsibility of the outcome to the Universe. This doesn’t mean that you will not do any work to achieve your desired outcome and that the Universe will automatically put that desired outcome in your lap. Although that might happen in some cases, in most cases, the action is required. But there is automaticity to that action as well, which we will discuss in step #4.

For now, it is essential to understand that by surrendering, you are giving up your attachment to the outcome. You are placing your trust in the Universe, that whatever is right for you, the Universe will bring it to you.

The harsh reality is that we really don’t know what we want. What we want today, we might not want it after some time, when our consciousness will evolve to a higher level. Let’s take the example of person X who thinks that when they get into a romantic relationship with person Y, they will experience love and happiness. In many, instead, most of the cases, love and happiness don’t stay for long. It is then that they realize that they acted from a lower level of consciousness when they decided to be in a relationship with person Y.

When person X desired to be in a relationship with person Y, they didn’t have the experience of being in that relationship. So they couldn’t really tell how that relationship will turn out to be. This is true for most of our decisions in life. We want things, but we really don’t know whether we actually need them or not. This is why the best way to ensure that only the best outcome for you is manifested, is to place your trust in the Universe by surrendering the control of how, in what form and when should that Manifestation occur.

To surrender, you can simply make the following statement aloud or in your heart: “Dear Universe, I place my trust in you, and I surrender the control of the outcome to you. I love you, dear Universe!”

Step 3: Wholeness

We had already discussed this a bit in step #1 when I told you that you are a Being with infinite potential within you. As this may sound a bit cliched to some, let’s deconstruct the phrase “Infinite Potential.” Each one of us is a part of a Universal field of consciousness. This field contains everything in it, every possibility, all probabilities, and every moment possible in space and time. This is why this field has infinite potential. It consists of all kinds of beings living across space, time, and across dimensions. We are a part of it in such a manner that we have access to its infinite potential. It’s just about realizing that potential, that will take us to higher levels of consciousness. Rumi said it best, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” Similarly, the infinite potential of the Universal consciousness is within us!”

The third step, therefore, is to feel that wholeness of the Universe within us. You are complete in yourself. There is nothing outside of you. Everything is within you. When you feel that you are complete within yourself, when you embody that wholeness, the Universe responds to this feeling and vibration of yours and brings you everything you want to manifest. As you stay in that feeling of wholeness for longer durations, you become a vortex that attracts all abundance to itself. Opportunities start showing up in your life, which will help you manifest what you desire. This showing up of opportunities at just the right time and the right place is called Synchronicity.

Step 4: Flow

Till now, we have discussed how you can attract anything that you desire. But there is a common misconception amongst people who practice Manifestation, that you are not required to do any work when you manifest. Basically, what they believe is that you can just be a couch potato, visualize things, do affirmations, and simply materialize your desired outcome, as if by some magic trick. This cannot be further from the truth.

Although it is true that practicing Manifestation, the Universe helps you to attract outcomes, but the truth is that the Universe will only help you when you are ready to help yourself. It is teamwork between you and the Universe. Let’s say person A desires to be an influencer. Although visualizing things like events where person A is influencing thousands of people, and doing affirmations like “I am a great influencer!”, are helpful tools of Manifestation, if person A is not ready to get into the energy of an influencer, no matter how hard they visualize and affirm, it will be nearly impossible for them to manifest. Hence, person A needs to get into the energy of an influencer and do the work required.

That being said, it is also necessary to understand that the idea of hard work will only make the outcome more difficult to get manifested. When we label our work as ‘hard’ work, we form a belief that it is difficult to get what we desire. And that is how the Universe responds to our feeling by making it hard for us to manifest.

This brings me to introduce you to the concept of Flow in Manifestation. When you get into the energy of what you desire to become, that energy makes you automatically work for your goals. What I mean to say that you have to already feel what you wish to become. When you do that, you will feel that certain energy has taken over you and makes you work on things that will bring your desired outcome to you. For the person who wanted to become an influencer, when they get into the shoes of an influencer and already start feeling the energy as if they have already become an influencer, they will experience a level of automaticity in their work. Without much effort, they will start networking, they will start speaking with confidence, and they will start doing the work which is required. All this will happen without much stress and without much effort and desperation.

So I hope you now understand why non-attachment is so crucial in Manifestation and what the 4-step model of Manifesting without Attachment is. Intention, Surrender, Wholeness & Flow. I wish that you become a Master Creator of your own reality. I love you. Take care!

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