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The Most Important Step In Manifestation

The Law Of Attraction is one of the most widely used tools in the Self-Development industry, and almost every author, speaker, or coach teaches this tool to their audience. When I go to meet-ups, workshops, seminars, and retreats that have a theme based on Manifestation, I find everybody talking about the importance of Visualisation and Affirmations. I believe that these are effective methods to manifest our desires, however, even after practicing these for many years, I didn’t find my manifestation to be effective.

In my visualization, I would visualize every detail of the situation that I wanted to manifest in my life. But that situation would rarely show up in my life. In my affirmations, I would say, “I am a great influencer!”, but as soon as I would say that, a voice would pop up from within me which would say “No, you are not!”

Eventually, when the law of attraction didn’t work for me, and just when I was about to quit the practice, I encountered the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and some studies from the Institute of HeartMath. These teachings and studies emphasized on the importance of Coherence in Manifestation. Coherence is the state when the Mind & Heart are in energetic alignment and cooperation. This means that for effective Manifestation, what the mind thinks has to be in alignment with what the Heart feels.

This made total sense to me! I realized that during my meditations using Visualisation & Affirmations, although my mind was thinking abundant thoughts, my heart was still in fear. I never felt that abundance in my heart and body. Hence, there was a contradiction between what I was thinking and what I was feeling. I decided to include the practice of feeling abundance along with thinking about abundance.

I eventually came to realize that in fact, ‘Feeling’ is the most important factor in Manifestation. When you feel abundant, you attract abundance. Let’s say you want to become a great speaker. When you feel that confidence in the present moment as if you have already become a great speaker, that is when you start attracting that future situation when you will be speaking in front of a big audience and your followers will be applauding you for the way you speak! Because once you start feeling that way, people around you won’t be able to help but notice the confidence in you and the change in the way you speak and would start paying attention to what you have to say.

Hence the most important step in Manifestation is Elevating Emotions, and bringing about that state of Coherence when your thoughts and feelings are aligned. So for effective Manifestation, you can follow these steps:

Coherence in Manifestation changed the game for me. Now that I experience quick results, Manifestation with Coherence has become my favorite practice. Try it out if you haven’t been using Coherence in your Manifestation practice, and I am sure that it holds the potential to transform your life!

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Saqib Rizvi

Saqib is a Meditation & Emotional Healing Coach, a Spiritual Mentor, and a lifelong student himself. His teachings and services are available on Insight Timer.